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Yes, that would be safe as long as the circuit breaker remains 15 amps. The 20 amp receptacle is more robust (and more expensive) than necessary, but that's OK.

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Q: Can a 20 amp GFI receptacle be used to replace a 15 amp receptacle outlet?
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Can you plug in a gfi cord into a gfi receptacle?

Yes, you can. It is perfectly safe and will work. For example, plugging a hair dryer with a gfi plug into a bathroom gfi receptacle work just fine.

How far from kitchen sink can a switched receptacle be?

An electrical outlet can not be placed behind a sink. If the outlet is witin 6 feet of a sink it must be GFI protected.

Where can one find a GFI outlet?

One can find a GFI outlet wherever in a household you can find an outlet. Sometimes, there is a GFI circuit breaker that can control multiple outlets.

How does a gfi work?

a gfi works like a breaker box in an outlet. often used in bathrooms and kitchens. it gives you the option to cut off power to outlet.

How do you reset a GFI receptacle?

Press the reset button on the GFI... If it does not reset then 1 of 2 things is going on...either the receptacle is bad or it is not getting power to it.

Can you replace a GFI outlet with a standard outlet?

The GFI outlet was there for a reason, such as a bathroom or other location around water where there is more risk of a shock being harmful or lethal. If it was a GFI, keep it a GFI. Also that outlet may be protecting other standard outlets being fed from the GFI. You can only after the house has passed inspection after the house was finished being built. It's a requirement that all new houses have to have a GFI wherever there's water, but it's perfectly legal once you buy the house to do this modification. However, it's highly not recommended unless there's more than one GFI outlet hooked up to the same circuit. If there's more than one, it's optional to take one off and replace it with a standard outlet because you really only need 1 GFI outlet to protect the rest of the outlets on the same circuit. But if it's already there, just leave it as is. Example: power box>GFI>normal>normal>GFI>normal; end; You can take off the second GFI and and every normal non-GFI outlet will function like GFI. If you take off the left one, only the last normal outlet will be GFI protected, the ons to the left wouldn't.

Does Every Receptacle on the circuit have to be GFI in a work shop?


The light on my gfi outlet is dim and sometimes out i am getting no power to it but the circuit breaker is not tripped i just replaced the gfi and it didn't help any ideas?

If the GFI outlet is tripped (the outlet, not the breaker) then it is telling you there is a ground fault which must be fixed. If the GFI outlet is not tripped, and the breaker is not tripped, but it is still not providing power, then you have a loose connection or a wiring error.

Can you put two switches and GFI receptacle in same box?

Yes, that is fine.

Can a hair dryer trip a gfi receptacle?

Yes, it can.Our bathroom GFI trips, when my wife uses one particular hair drier.

Do you need a gfi plug for a spa if it is being plugged into a gfi circuit?

If your spa is connected with a GFCI circuit breaker you will not need the GFCI receptacle.

Why do CFL's keep blowing in my lamp that is pluged into a GFI outlet?

Are you sure it is the bulb that its blowing and not the Gfi tripping? Try resetting the gfi. Also try swithing to an incandescent bulb and test your gfi. Also test the cfl in a non-gfi outlet. Cfls return power they don't use and may make the gfi trip. I am not an electrician, just personal experience.

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