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Depends on the size of the wire going to the A/C. If the wire is AWG #10 you cannot install a 40 amp breaker. If the wire is AWG #8 you can.

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Q: Can a 40 amp breaker not a 4 amp breaker be used to replace a 35 amp breaker for ac unit?
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Can a 4 amp breaker be used to replace a 35 amp breaker for ac unit?


Will a 2 pole 60 amp ITE Gould or Westinghouse breaker replace a 2 pole 60 amp T and B unit?

If the breaker will snap on the bus bar, yes.

How do you turn a 30 amp circuit into a 15 amp cicuit?

Replace the 30 Amp Breaker with a 15 Amp breaker.

Is a 40 amp circuit breaker ok for a 30 amp air conditioner?

Yes. You should use 8 AWG wire from breaker to AC unit.

Is there any disadvantage of selecting over rated circuit breaker?

If i understand you correctly, yes there certainly can be. If you replace, say a 10 amp breaker with a 20 amp. you are losing the safety factor - the whole purpose of the breaker to begin with. Always replace a breaker with the exact same amperage rating!

Can a 3 phase 220 volt machine that usually plugs into a line with a twenty amp breaker can a thirty amp breaker be used instead?

No, you should not install a 30 amp circuit breaker to a machine which normally requires a 20 amp supply. The circuit breaker is protecting the wire to the machine. That wire is likely only rated for 20 amps, (# 12 awg). Therefore, a 30 amp breaker could allow too much current to go through the wiring to the machine and cause the wire to burn down. Replace the 3 phase 20 amp breaker with the same amperage breaker.

What is the wire size for 50 amp breaker to ac unit?

6millimeter square.

Can 50 Amp breaker replace 45 Amp breaker?

Both a 45 amp and 50 amp breaker would require 6 AWG wire. So if you have 6 AWG wire and any devices like an outlet are rated at 50 amps or greater you are okay.

What size breaker should be used on a 20 amp motor?

30 amp breaker with #10 gauge copper wire

Can you use a 60 amp breaker for a airconditioner with heat instead of two thirty amp breakers?

No. If your AC is currently running on a 30 amp 2 pole breaker, then it is a 220 volt unit. You cannot substitute one 60 amp single pole breaker as you'll only be supplying 110 volts and the AC unit won't work. In fact you could damage it.

What size amp circuit breaker should be used for a Rheem RALB36JAZ?

You need to look on the manufacturer's specification plate on the unit for the amperage and voltage.

Can you use a 20 amp breaker for window unit air conditioner?

A 20 amp breaker might actually be needed for the installation. It depends on the wattage and voltage of the window air conditioner.