Can a 44 shoot a 410?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Sounds good but NO. Absolutely not. Shotguns are in no way built to handle the pressure a 44 cal bullet would form in the breech and barrel. The result would be catastrophic and most certainly result in a ruined firearm as well as injury and death.

The .45 cal/410 deal was popularized by Taurus in it's "Judge" model which fires a 45long colt and 410 shotgun shell. Here you have a pistol designed to handle the 45 long colt pressure and therefore handle the 410 shotguns lesser pressure.

Never is it a good idea to fire any ammunition in any firearm that is not clearly marked for the caliber. Never.

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NO !! Glade they don't fit for hate to see disfigured people due to being untaught correctly !!!
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Q: Can a 44 shoot a 410?
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Can a 410 shoot a .44 bullet?

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS!! Never use ammunition in a firearm not designed for it.

Can a 410 shoot a 44 magnum bullet?

Not safely. Despite the tales you have heard about this, the pressures of a .44 Magnum are well above the design pressure of a .410. WHEN (not if) the gun fails, someone is going to be hurt. No. Don't.

Can you shoot 410 shells in a 45 revolver?

No. But there are revolvers made to shoot .410 shells that also fire .45 Colt cartridges,

What caliber pistol can you load and shoot in a 410?

None. While there are firearms made to shoot .45 Colt AND .410 shotshells, they are designed and made to do that. A regular .410 shotgun is NOT made to do that safely.

Can you shoot a 45 bullit in a 410 shot gun?


Is there such a thing as a 44 gauge shotgun?

Any old shotgun stamped "44 Cal." or using the number 44 is chambered for the cartridge which eventually was modified into today's .410 gauge bore. They reportedly fire the .410 ok, but are not as good generally as the true .410 shotgun.

What can shoot out of a 44 mag revolver?

44 magnum and 44 special.

Can a 410 shot gun shoot any other rounds?

Typically, no. There are some .410 shotguns which can also fire one or more rimmed pistol cartridges (usually .45 Long Colt, but I've seen them for .41 Magnum and .44 Magnum, as well), but these are purpose built to be able to do this - it cannot be done in an ordinary .410 shotgun.

Does the cobray model d 45 shoot 410 and 45?

You can shoot 45 Long Colt or .410 shot shells with this weapon. 45 ACP rounds will not work properly.

Can you shoot a 30-06 out of a 410 single shot shotgun?


What rifle bullets can you shoot through 410 shotgun?


Can a colt anaconda shoot 44 special ammo?

If the Anaconda is a .44 Magnum, yes, you can shoot .44 Special in it all day. Also .44 S&W American and .44 Russian if you are of a mind.