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Q: Can a fourteen year old get a job at a gas station in Illinois?
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Can a 12 year old get a job at a gas station?

no a 12 year old can not get a job at a gas station! no a 12 year old can not get a job at a gas station!

Can fourteen year olds work in gas stations?

If the Gas Station carries liquor or cigarettes, then you can't work as a cashier. You could probably work as a stocker, but you'd need a liscense. If the gas station doesn't sell liquor or cigarettes, then you could possibly work as a cashier or a stocker. But still, you need a workers permit.

How much money does a gas station make in a year?

For every gallon of gas, the average gas station pockets $0.10 of every gallon sold, so don't blame the gas stations for the price being high.

Are there historic gas stations along Route 66?

Yes. There are many historic gas stations along route 66. There is also a gas station museum that you might like to visit. Among the most outstanding examples of the evolution of gas stations along Route 66 are Soulsby's Shell station in Mount Olive, Illinois; Bob Audettes' gas station complex in Barton, New Mexico; and the Tower Fina Station in Shamrock, Texas.

Does bp gas have ethanol?

That will depends on where the fuel is being sold. Around my area ( central Illinois ) every gas station has 10% ethanol.

How much does a gas station manager earn a year?

1,000,000 dollars

Where can 13 year olds work?

Mcdonalds and the gas station as a stocker!

How many gallons of gas does a gas station sell in a year?

Different stations sell different amounts.

How much does a gas station manager make?

A gas station managers will make about 30 thousand dollars a year. This may be more if the manager has been around for a couple of years.

Where can a 16-year-old in Tucson Arizona get a job?

gas station attendent

What was the name of the first gas station?

The first gas station ever to start selling gas for 50 cents a gallon was called gargoyle gas station located in folks philledelphia. (GG) and it was very popular in the 1880's.The second gas station was called Rivers Gas station in kentucky.

What year did the Citgo Gas Station open?

The PDV America owned Citgo Gas Station was first founded in 1910. They have their headquarters in Houston, Texas and mainly sell petrochemical products.

In the outsiders what gas station does Sodapop work at?

the DX gas station.

What word can go before Station?

Gas or train many stuff train station gas station

Where do you get your gas from?

A gas station :)

Can a thirteen year old stock shelves at a gas station?

No, in most states a 13 year old cannot stock shelves at a gas station. Most laws require a child be at least 15 years old before seeking employment.

When does the gas station open on poptropica?

The Gas Station wil not open because you don't need gas.

When was Tramway Gas Station created?

Tramway Gas Station was created in 1965.

Which is the best gasoline station?

the one with the cheapest gas. seriously speaking though, a gas station is only a symbol of some giant corporation that refines fuel for consumers. what make a particular gas station good is the people than own it and work there. You have gas stations then you have service stations. At a gas station you get gas. at a service station you get service with a smile

How does Canada use natural gas?


Where can one purchase gas station signs?

There are no businesses that offer the large signs found in front of gas station that display the prices of gas at that station. However, one can buy signs with gas station logos online at Amazon or eBay.

Where can gas be found?

at a gas station

What is the duration of Attack the Gas Station?

The duration of Attack the Gas Station is 2 hours.

What is the Name of Gas Station on the Andy Griffith Show?

Wally's filling station was the name of the gas station in the Andy Griffith Show.

What services does Hess gas station provide?

Hess gas station provides services in the field of oil and gas. Hess gas station explores, produces, transports, and refines crude oil. It was founded in 1919.