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No, because then it would not be a mixed number.

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Q: Can a mixed numbers only have a whole number?
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When can the sum of two mixed numbers be a whole number?

2 mixed numbers can only be a whole when the 2 numerators add up to the number

Is 62.2 a prime number?

No. Only whole numbers can be prime numbers. 62.2 is a mixed number.

Can mixed numbers be whole numbers?

Yes, but only in the sense that they are not proper mixed number. For example, 5 and 3/4 is a mixed number. 5 and 4/4 is also a mixed number, but it is really the whole number of 6, since 4/4 is 1.

Can whole numbers be irrational numbers?

No. An irrational number can only be part of a whole number. Every whole number is rational.1000000

How do you rename fractions as mixed or whole numbers?

-- Some fractions are equal to mixed numbers (example 4/3). Some are not ( example 2/3). -- The fraction can be re-written as a whole number only if its numerator is a multiple of its denominator. -- If its numerator is greater than its denominator but not a multiple of it, then the fraction can be re-written as a mixed number. -- If neither condition is true, then the fraction can't be re-written as either a mixed number or a whole number.

What is 0.07 as a mixed number?

It cannot be converted into a mixed number because there is no whole. You only included the part.

Is the product of two mixed numbers always greater than 1?

Yes, yes it is. Because a mixed number must have a whole number in it. Therefore, being multiplied only makes it bigger.

What are the whole numbers that are not counting numbers?

'0' is the only whole number that is not a counting number. Negative integers do not belong to whole numbers.

Why are mass numbers whole numbers?

mass numbers are whole numbers because the mass number is number of protons in an atom, plus the number of neutrons. you can only have a whole neutron and or proton, therefore, all mass numbers are whole numbers.

Are rational numbers Count as a whole number?

No, whole numbers are only a small subset of rational numbers.

Is a rational number always a whole number?

No, only a small minority are whole numbers.

What is two consecutive whole numbers that 46 lies on?

There are no such numbers. 46 is a whole number and so can lie on only one whole number.

What number are whole number?

What numbers are whole numbers? Whole numbers are numbers with no value after the decimal point. For example: 1 is a whole number. 1.2 is not a whole number. yes and 1.22 is not one and 1.22222222 is not one is only 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, continue but i dont know if a negetive number counts as a whole number or zero if it counts as a whole number

How many whole numbers are not natural number?

only one whole number is not a natural number and it is 0

What is 3 over 6 as a mixed number?

Mixed numbers have a whole number plus a proper fraction. If the whole number is zero it would not be written and so only a proper fraction would be written. 3/6 is a proper fraction, so as a mixed number it would be itself 3/6 which would simplify to 1/2.

What whole number is 54?

Whole numbers are unique, so the only whole number that is 54 is 54 itself.

What are the whole numbers of 5?

The only whole number factors of 5 are 1 and 5.

Why is the quotient a whole number?

Most quotients are NOT whole numbers: only those in which the divisor in the simplest form is 1 are whole numbers.

Is fractions whole numbers?

no a fraction is only part of a number

Is a whole number divisible by 2?

Only even whole numbers are divisible by two.

What are two mixed numbers equal to 7.5?

There is only one mixed number equal to 7.5 . It is 71/2 .

Is an integer but not a a whole number?

Some integers are whole numbers, but only 0 through positive infinity. The negatives are not included in the whole numbers.

Why are atomic numbers always whole numbers?

An atom can't contain only part of a proton, so the number must always be a whole number

Hot do i Write 1 over 3 as a mixed number?

You don't. You can only write numbers greater than one as a mixed number.

Is zero a element of a set of whole numbers?

Zero (0) is in the set of whole number. The only difference between the set of whole numbers and counting numbers is that the whole numbers contain zero. {0,1,2,3...}