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A pawn moves in a straight line but captures diagonally or by 'En Passant' .

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Q: Can a pawn only move in a straight line?
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Can the pawn in chess move sideways?

No , the pawn moves forward in a straight line unless when capturing an opponent's chessmen diagonally or by 'En Passant' .

Can you move your pawn backwards when its across the center line?


Can a pawn move two spaces only on the very first move of the game or can each pawn move two on its first move?

Each individual pawn can move two spaces on its first move

What direction can a pawn move in the game of chess?

The pawn can only move one forward upwards. It can move two moves upward only when you move it the first time. To capture, you move diagonally.

Can a pawn move diagonal on to the last row if there is nothing there?

No, a pawn can only move diagonally when taking another piece on the board.

When can you not use en passant?

It can be used ONLY on your move, right after your opponent passes one of your advanced pawns with a pawn on its very first move. Your opponent has opted to move a pawn two squares ahead as its very first move. You have the option, on your very next move, of acting as if the pawn was only advanced one square, and you can capture the pawn (you capture it 'in passing') and advance your pawn to the square it would have occupied on a regular capture of that pawn. If you don't do it on your very next move, you lose the option. If an en passant capture is a player's only legal move, it must be done.

How does a pawn move?

A pawn may move one or two spaces forward. It may only take another piece by moving diagonally.

What is the only chess piece that can't move backwards?


Can each pawn move two spaces on that pawn's first move?

A pawn may move forward either one or two spaces when making the pawn's first move.

What do the pawn pieces do in chess?

The pawn is allowed to move two (or one) spaces forward on its first move, but only one move on each other. It can not move backwards. It can only capture pieces diagonally, therefore if there is a piece in front of it, the pawn is not allowed to move unless the piece moves out of its way. One more thing is, if the pawn manages to make it across the board it can switch out for any other piece except the king or the pawn itself.

Is chess a life skill?

A pawn can kill dianguly foward or backward and move only 1 space at a time. (or two at the first move of the pawn)

In chess what pieces can move backwards?

Only the pawn cannot move backwards. All the others can.

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