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yes, i think he

yes i think he /she can join a commerce collage

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Why physics called a pioneer science?

Physics is called the pioneer of science because it is the first subjects to be studied. And even up to this day, if a person needs to study new things, everything depends on physics and chemistry first.

Physics is the most basic science because?

Some people think that physics is a basic science because when a person understands the principles, other types of science also make sense. These types include chemistry and biology.

If somebody wants to major in science in college then is it a good idea to do physics instead of a fourth year of a foreign language?

I feel as if the person should do Physics instead of 4th year in foreign language. [EDIT] I'd say take the foreign language course instead because colleges like to see that you have 4 years of one foreign language. If you want to major in physics, then wait until college to start on your physics major. Until then, focus on getting into college first.

What is the scientific term for motion?

branch-phyiscal science study of-physics person who study-physicts

What career would appeal to someone with an interest in both computer science and physics?

A person with interest in both computer science and physics will find robotics very appealing. Such a person will also be intersted in artificial intelligence,physical modelling and simulation of models. Prototype- model relationships will also interest the person.

How do you become a weapon scientist?

There are no schools specifically for weapon's science. However, a person may major in forensic science with a concentration in the physics that goes along with weaponry. From there, a person may become an expert.

What do you call a person who does physics?

A person who does physics is a physicist.

How do you request a transcript from the College of Agriculture Science and Education?

You request a transcript from the college of Agricultural Science and Education by sending a letter to the main person incharge of that department

What is the main use of physics why do we learn physics?

Physics is the study of energy and motion along with many other fundamental laws of nature. It is considered the foundational science upon which nearly all other sciences are based on. This branch of science is actually extremely important and practical for the average person if they want to become engineers. Think of Physics as the "fundamental science of engineering". The use of Physics in Engineering is probably the most common and practical reason we need to learn it in school.

What are two major branches of science?

Physical Science [physics, chemistry, [astronomy] it could be physics and chemistry but some person included the astronomy Earth Science [geology, oceanography, paleontology, meteorology] Life Science or Biology [botany, zoology, genetics, medicine] by:princesz.1st.wun add my fb account

Is physics related society why?

Yes! I think that physics is the science that is related to society.Because it deals with the physical aspects of a person and society is always made up of individuals or groups.That is why it is related to society

Where could one go if they would like to study physics?

There are many different universities that offer Physics as their major. If that is too high a level for a person, then they could go to college as a mature student and study physics there. Basic knowledge of physics can be found online.

What is a person studying physics?

A physics student.A physics student.A physics student.A physics student.

What is a person who has studied physics called?

A person who has studied physics is called a physicist.

Is physics writing?

i really hope someone can improve this question but, all i know is physic is math and science together. i cant really think of an example. the last person that updated this is wrong physics is the study of living things

Bachelors of science in nursing?

A bachelor degree of science in nursing can be obtained at many accredited college. With this type of degree, a person can have a great career.

What are two major branches of science and give its meaning?

Biology is the study of living things. This includes animals, cells and nature amongst the thousands of things that can be studied under biology. Chemistry is the science of materials and elements and physics is the science of movement and force. This can include light and other natural energy. Physical science is a lot less about interpretation than social science. Social science is the science of social communities and can produce some interesting results. As the brain and actions of a person or animal are not the same in everyone, much more interpretation is involved in finding the results for a social science study. You cannot just perform the experiment with one person like you can perform an experiment with one magnet in physics. This is because the magnet in physics will always act in the same way whereas a person or range of people will not.

What do you call a person who studies physics?

AnswerA person who studies physics is called a physicist.

Who is the most important person in science?

It depends on who you think is most important. Also, it depends on the subject - chemistry, physics, biology, geology, astronomy...

Why does instruments make sound?

Instruments make sound by a person blowing through the mouthpiece, causing vibration. It's just the physics of Science.

Who are people in physics?

A person who studies physics is called a physicist

What does a physicist study?

A physicist is a person who studies physics. The study of Physics is the study of the motion and behavior of all known objects and energy in the universe. A physicist studies physics. Physics is the science of modelling the universe around us in an attempt to understand the universe, and to predict its behavior, by examining and manipulating the model. The term "Physicist" was coined by English philosopher, priest, and historian of science William Whewell in 1840, to denote a cultivator of physics. There are a variety of branches of physics from studies in sub-atomic particles to studies of the behavior of the material of the universe as a whole.

What does a person have to do to become a meteoroligst?

you have to be smart and you have to be able to be commited to your job. you also have to have a degree for meteorolgy. you can also start from another field such as mathematics, oceanography,physics, or computer science. you have to be smart and you have to be able to be commited to your job. you also have to have a degree for meteorolgy. you can also start from another field such as mathematics, oceanography,physics, or computer science.

What is the definiton of a diploma?

It is a certificate issued by a school or college that states that a person has completed the requirements in a particular field or science.

Is physics a common or proper noun?

The noun 'physics' is a common noun, a general word for anything related to the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy.A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place or thing; for example, Physics Department at the University of California at Berkeley or "The Feynman Lectures on Physics" by Richard Feynman.