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No, a quadrilateral can not have 3 dimensions, it's a 2d shape, a 3d shape can be made out of quadrilaterals, and usually is partially (if it's man-made) , but no, it CAN'T have 3 dimensions no matter what

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Q: Can a quadrilateral be three dimensional tell me?
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Is a quadrilateral a three dimensional figure?

no it is a 4 dimensional figure not a 3 dimensional figure * * * * * No. A quadrilateral is a two dimensional figure. It has a length and a breadth and no more.

What three dimensional shape has exactly five faces and eight edges?

A quadrilateral based pyramid.

What three dimensional figure has 8 edges?

A quadrilateral based pyramid (the base has four sides).

Is a pyramid a quadrilateral?

No because a quadrilateral is a 4 sided 2 dimensional polygon whereas a pyramid is a 3 dimensional polyhedron

Is a quadrilateral convex or concave?

A normal 2-D quadrilateral would be neither convex or concave. There are three-dimensional quadrilaterals, such as prisms, but it would depend on the shape.

What is the volume of a quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is a two-dimensional object - it therefore does not have a volume.

How many sides and vertices does a quadrilateral have?

A quadrilateral has 4 sides. It has no vertices as a quadrilateral is a two dimensional shape. * * * * * A vertex is a point where two or more lines (edges) meet. There is no requirement for the figure to be three dimensional. So the correct answer is that is has 4 vertices.

What is the three dimensional shape of 5 faces?

Square-based pyramid. * * * * *More generally, a quadrilateral based pyramid.

WHAT IS A 5 3D sided shape called?

An example of a common five faced three dimensional shape is the square pyramid. There are no three dimensional shapes with five edges.

Is a cube a quadrilatral?

No. A cube is a 3-dimensional object whereas a quadrilateral is 2-dimensional.

What ia a quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral is a closed 2-dimensional shape bounded by four straight sides.

What is a four sided figure that is a two-dimensional?

A quadrilateral.