What is the three dimensional shape of 5 faces?

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Square-based pyramid.

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More generally, a quadrilateral based pyramid.

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Q: What is the three dimensional shape of 5 faces?
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What is the word for a shape that has 5 sides?

A two-dimensional shape with five sides is a pentagon. A three-dimensional shape with five faces is a triangular prism.

What three-dimensional shape has 5 faces 8 edges and 5 vertices?

A rectangular pyramid

What is a 2-d shape with 7 faces?


What 3 dimensional shape has 5 faces?

A pyramid

Three dimensional shape that has 5 faces two of which are triangles?

i don't know that's why i asked! duhhh

3 dimensional geometric shape with 2 pentagon faces and 5 rectangular faces?

10 vertices

What shape has 5 faces made up of triangles and rectangles?

The shape is a triangular prism. This is a 3-dimensional polygon with two ends that are triangles and three rectangular sides connecting them.* * * * *FYI, a 3-dimensional polygon is known as a polyhedron.

What is three dimensional geometric with 5 faces and 1 faces is rectangle?

It could be a rectangle-based pyramid.

What is a shape with 5 faces?

A shape with 5 sides is a pentagon.However, the term face is only applied to three-dimensional forms,and a shape (solid) with 5 faces is a pentahedron.There are no regular pentahedrons. The two forms are the square pyramid and the triangular prism. The former has 4 triangular sides and a square or rectangular base; the latter has 3 rectangular (or square) faces and two triangular ends.

How many faces edges vertaces does a square pyramid have?

On a three-dimensional pyramid there are 5 faces, 8 edges, and 5 verataces. I hope this helped! :)

Space figure with 5 faces 8 edges and 4 corners?

This is an impossible three-dimensional figure. A pyramid has 5 faces and 8 edges but has 5 corners, not 4. A 4-cornered three-dimensional figure has only one itteration: that of a 4 sided pyramid of 6 edges. Since your shape is 5 sided with 8 edges I would say you have got a number wrong there somewhere.

How do you measure the area of a 5-sided shape?

if it is a 2 dimensional shape you do height multiplied by width but if it is a three dimensional figure you multiply length by width by height and there are three dimensions.

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