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Yes they can.

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Q: Can a rectangle and parallelogram have the same perimeter?
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Can a parallelogram have the same perimeter of a rectangle?


Perimeter of a parallelogram?

same as a rectangle, i.e. 2(l+b)

How is a parallelogram and a rectangle the same?

A rectangle is a parallelogram but a parallelogram need not be a rectangle and so they are not the same.

Why do the parallelogram and the rectangle have the same area?

a parallelogram is a tilted rectangle

How is the perimeter of a parallelogram related to the perimeter of a triangle and a rectangle?

B+h*2 =9*-=423

What is the same about a rectangle and parallelgram?

In a parallelogram, the opposing sides are parallel. A rectangle is a type of parallelogram.

How is the area of a rectangle and a parallelogram the same?

A parallelogram is just a rectangle leaned to one side

How do you prove that a parallelogram is a rectangle?

a rectangle has four right angles and opposite sides are all the same length This means that a parallelogram is not always a rectangle, but a rectangle is always a parallelogram, by definition.

Can a parallelogram have the same area as a rectangle?

Yes it can. For one thing, a rectangle is a parallelogram so of course the answer is trivially yes. Now take a parallelogram that is not a rectangle. Area =basexheight These values can certainly be the same as the lenght of the sides of a rectangle.

If same area in a rectangle does that mean same perimeter?

No. For example, a 4x1 rectangle will have an area of 4 and a perimeter of 10. A 2x2 rectangle will have the same area of 4, but a perimeter of 8.

Draw a rectangle that is not a parallelogram?

draw a parallelogram which is not a rectangle.verify that its area is equal to the rectangle on the same base and altitude

What is the perimeter of a parallelogram that has sides 7 inches and 11 inches?

A parallelogram is a "sat-on" rectangle; opposite sides are equal in length → perimeter = 7 + 11 + 7 + 11 inches = 36 inches.