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a parallelogram is a tilted rectangle

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Q: Why do the parallelogram and the rectangle have the same area?
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How is the area of a rectangle and a parallelogram the same?

A parallelogram is just a rectangle leaned to one side

A parallelogram and the area of a what have the same formula for area?


Can a parallelogram have the same area as a rectangle?

Yes it can. For one thing, a rectangle is a parallelogram so of course the answer is trivially yes. Now take a parallelogram that is not a rectangle. Area =basexheight These values can certainly be the same as the lenght of the sides of a rectangle.

How is a parallelogram and a rectangle the same?

A rectangle is a parallelogram but a parallelogram need not be a rectangle and so they are not the same.

Draw a rectangle that is not a parallelogram?

draw a parallelogram which is not a rectangle.verify that its area is equal to the rectangle on the same base and altitude

Why is the area of a rectangle greater than that of a parallelogram?

Not necessarily. In fact, if a rectangle and parallelogram have the same base and height, their areas are equal.

Can a non rectangular parallelogram and a rectangle have the same area?


How is the formula for the parallelogram related to the area formula of the rectangle?

The area formula for the parallelogram is related to the area formula for a rectangle because you can make the parallelogram into a rectangle to find the area.

How is the area of a parallelogram related to the area of a rectangle?

The area of a parallelogram is the length times the vertical height. In a rectangle, the vertical height is the same as the width so the area is length times width.

What is the same about a rectangle and parallelgram?

In a parallelogram, the opposing sides are parallel. A rectangle is a type of parallelogram.

Why will a parallelogram always have a smaller area than a rectangle with the same measurements?

The area of a parallelogram is the length of the 'base' times the altitude. In a rectangle, which is a special case of parallelogram, the altitude is maximum length and also is equal in length to the other side.

Which has a bigger area - a parallelogram or a rectangle?

A big parallelogram has more area than a small rectangle. A small parallelogram has less area than a big rectangle. The question is a lot like asking: "Which one is older, a dog or a cat ?"

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