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Q: Can a straight angle go up and down?
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What is the measure of the angle formed the hands of a clock when its 6?

At 6, the hands are straight up and down. A straight angle is 180 degrees.

Does length go up an down or straight across?

Straight across

Do you go straight up and down in a back flip?

nope you go sideways

What does a straight angle add up to?

a straight line is 180 degrees.

What is the angle pitch?

the angle of up or down

Do spaceships launch straight up or on an angle?

On an angle to get through the atmosphere without burning up.

How do you pass level 10 on roller coaster creator?

you don't always have to collect all the coins so on level 10 only go for 4 coins so here's how to do it GO STRAIGHT FORWARD GO STRAIGHT UP GO STRAIGHT FORWARDS {again} GO STRAIGHT DOWN GO STRAIGHT FORWARD {again} GO STRAIGHT UP {again} GO STRAIGHT DOWN {again} then you are at the little red flag! it worked for me hope you can understand it

What is the correct way to do a squat?

Straighten up your back and shoulders first of all, And than you unrack it and take a couple steps back keep your feet at shoulder width or slighty wider. Take a deep breath and go down like your about to sit down to make a 90 degree angle with your legs. (DO NOT LOOK UP, This can damage your neck just look straight while you go down). While you go down to a 90 degree angle explode back up.

What angle to hold a tattoo gun?

can anyone tell me the correct way to hold a tattooing gun normally at a 45 degree angle but never straight up and down

What is the correct angle to mount an engine coil?

There is no angle to mount an engine coil. Most are mounted straight up and down. But I've seen them mounted sideways also.

What does the angle on a straight line add up to?

Angles on a straight line add up to 180 degrees

What is a vertical edge?

A vertical edge is A line that go straight up and down

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