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Yes but it will limit your 20 amp circuit to 15 amps. Any amperage over 15 amps on the 20 amps circuit will trip the breaker protecting the sub panel.

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Q: Can a sub panel from a 15 amp breaker be used with a branch circuit with 20 amp breaker?
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If an electrician have a circuit that pulls a load of 10 amps what size breaker must that circuit be protected by?

If you are talking about a breaker in a house panel then a 15 amp breaker would be used. It is the smallest amperage breaker that you will find in a house panel.

Where are circuit breakers commonly used at home?

In the circuit breaker panel. It's the only place they're used.

What is the function of Air Circuit Breaker?

This device is protecting over load current.ACB is mostly used for MV panel and LV panel.

What type of circuit breaker is required for a 240 v branch circuit?

the circuit breaker used will be miniature circuit breaker(MCB) maily used in homes.Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply service.A two pole circuit breaker is used for a load of 240 volts. It is sized, according to the load amps of the device, to protect the wires that supply the load current.

Where is power window circuit breaker for 1989 Toyota Cressida?

Not circuit breaker only fuses in cars that are used. Driver side kick panel 7.5a gauge fuse check it fist.

Why fuses and circuit breakers are connected in series with the circuit in the panel board?

circuit breaker and fuses used in series to break the circuit in overcurrent situation to block current to flow through circuit.

Can a main circuit breaker of a panel be used as the service disconnecting means?

No, it is still live even when the switch is open...

What is the maximum number of branch circuit breakers allowed in a 100 amp panel?

I just spoke with an inspector here in NJ today and according to him pending on what panel(squareD)in this case, it is 24 space but can be 48+. Stating that the breakers allow you to place two branch circuits on one breaker. Didn't make sense to me, being that while in school at my union it was 1 circuit for each breaker. Unless, some tandem breakers are used. Check the breaker and see what its rated for. Hope this helps.

A fuse or circuit breaker used in a circuit is usually inserted in?

A fuse or circuit breaker used in a circuit is usually inserted in series with the load.

What is the difference between Air circuit breaker and Vacuum circuit breaker?

air circuit breaker is use air to break acircuit and its used in low tention side only ..vacuum circuit breaker side vacuum was used to break a circuit its used in high tention

Where circuit breaker are used?

A circuit breaker is an overcurrent protection device. They are used everwhere from the miniature circuit breaker which protects a simple lighting circuit in your home, to huge circuit breakers that protect transmission lines.

What is a electric circuit breaker?

An electric circuit breaker is switch that is used to protect electrical circuit from a short circuit or overload.

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