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No, if a trapezium had three right angles, it would mean the fourth angle would have to be 90 degrees. That would make it a square or a rectangle.

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Q: Can a trapezium have 3 right angles?
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Related questions

How many angles are there in a trapezium?

A trapezium has 4 right angles...Correction: it has 4 angles but they are not right angles. A structure/shape with 4 right angles is a rectangle or square.

Can a trapezium have any right angles?

A trapezium can have right angles as long as there is at least one pair of parallel lines.

Can a trapezium have three right angles?

Depending on the definition that is used, a trapezium is either a figure with four sides that has no parallel sides (American) or a figure with fours sides that has two parallel sides (British). Either way, a trapezium can not have 3 right angles.

How many obtuse angles has a trapezium?

a trapezium has two obtuse angles or one if it has a right angle

What quadriaterals can have exactly 2 right angles?

A Trapezium can have exactly 2 right angles.

What is the shape that has 1pair of parallel sides and exactly 2 right angles?

A right trapezium. A right trapezium. A right trapezium. A right trapezium.

How many obtuse angles in a trapezium?

Usually two, but one if it is a right-angled trapezium.

Is a trapezium perpendicular?

yes it is A trapizium has no right angles therefore there are no perpendicular.* * * * *Nonsense! A trapezium can have two adjacent angles which are right angles.

Does a trapezium have any right angles?


Does a trapezium have four right angles?

no it has three

Does a regular trapezium have two right angles?


Do diagonals of a trapezium cross at right angles?


Can a trapezium contain two right angles?


Can a trapezium have a right angle?

Yes, it can can have two right angles. However, only 2 sides are parallel in a trapezium. One side of the two remaining sides can be perpendicular to the parallel sides, making it have two right angles.

How many right angles can a trapezium have?

None or two.

How many right angles trapezium have?

Usually none.

How many right angles does an isosceles trapezium have?


Which quadrilateral have exactly 2 right angles?

A special type of Kite has exactly two right angles and a certain type of trapezium can have 2 right angles.

What is the name of a quadrilateral with one right angles?

Both a 'kite' shape and a right-angled trapezium can have exactly two right angles

Does a trapezium have exactly 2 right angles?

A trapezium can have either no right angles or exactly 2 right angles: ...................................... ......------.........---------...... ..../........\.......|..........\..... .../..........\......|...........\.... ../............\.....|............\... ..-------------.....------------... ....................................... Are two trapezia: the first has no right angles, the second has 2.

What is a quadrangle with 2 parallell sides and no right angles?

A [non-right] trapezium.

What quadrilateral has no right angles?

A parallelogram, a rhombus, kites, arrowheads, trapezium and irregular quadrilaterals. However, some kites, arrowheads, trapezium and irregular quadrilaterals can have one (or more) right angles.

What quadrilaterals can never have right angles?

trapezium,rhombus and parrelogram

What is a parallelogram with 4 equal sides but no right angles?


Does a trapezium have 4 right angles?

No, because it would then be a rectangle.