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Yes, except that all Irrational Numbers will be non-terminating, non-repeating decimals.

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Q: Can all real numbers be represented as a decimal?
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What are numbers expressed in the decimal system?

All real numbers can be represented in the decimal system. Complex numbers can be represented by a pair of numbers in the decimal system.

What is commutative property of addition using decimal numbers?

The commutative property of addition applies to all real and complex numbers. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the form in which the number is represented: decimal, binary, etc.

What is set of real numbers?

A real number is a rational number that is not imaginary. 5, 3/4, and 8.6 are all real numbers. 3i is not a real number.

Can a decimal be a real number?

All decimals are real numbers and all real numbers can be expressed as decimals.

Which of these numbers are irrational number a0.5151.b0.7 c0898898889.?

None of them: they are all rational since they can all be represented as terminating decimal numbers.

Is a recurring decimal a real number?

Yes. All decimals are real numbers.

Is 01296714785 real number?

0.1296714785 is a real number. All numbers that do not contain the square root of a negative number (represented by i) are real numbers.

What are the real numbers that is not a whole number?

Real numbers are all numbers which do not contain "i", when "i" represents the square root of -1. All numbers which do contain "i" are "imaginary numbers" and are not real numbers. This means that all numbers you'd ordinarily use are real numbers - all the counting numbers (integers) and all decimals are real numbers. So in answer to your question, all the real numbers that are not whole numbers are all the decimal numbers - including irrational decimals such as pi.

What compose of real numbers?

The set of all real numbers usually represented by a capital R that is double vertical line in the left and bold.

Including decimals what are all the numbers that are divisible by 4 between 30 to 39?

All real numbers are divisible by four. However, no numbers with decimal extensions are evenly divisible by four. The only numbers evenly divisible by four between 30 and 39 are 32 and 36. Otherwise, including decimals, there would be an infinite number of rational numbers between those limits divisible by four, and infinitely more than that if the real numbers are included (numbers that cannot be represented by terminating or repeating continued decimal expansions).

Is every rational number a decimal number?

All real numbers have a decimal representation. Rational numbers have decimal representations that terminate or repeat infinitely. Irrational numbers have decimal representations that are non-terminating and non-repeating.

Is 4.83 a real number?

The number 4.83 is a real number. Real numbers include all whole numbers, fractions, and decimals that can be represented as quantities along a continuous line.