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If an angle of x degree is obtuse then x > 180 deg

Suppose x = 180 + y where y is positive.

Then x can be divided into two angles of 90+y/2 degrees each

y>0 so 90 + y/2 > 90

and so the two angles are obtuse.

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Q: Can all reflex angles can be divided into 2 obtuse angles?
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What are all the types of angles?

Acute, right angle, obtuse and reflex angles.

What are all the angles?

Acute, obtuse, right, straight, reflex

Which all angles are present in the alphabet A?

Acute, obtuse, reflex.

All right angles are?

No, there are different kinds of angles, such as acute, reflex, straight and obtuse. A right angle is 90°.

What are all the angles in geometry?

intersecting, parallel, acute, right ,obtuse, straight, perpendicular, reflex

What type of angle does a octagon have?

Any - it can be acute, right, obtuse, reflex - take your pick! A regular octagon, on the other hand, will have all internal angles measuring 135 degrees. That is, they will all be obtuse.

Is the angles on a hexagon acute right angle or obtuse?

An angle in a hexagon can have any value at all. It can be acute, a right angle, an obtuse angle or even a reflex angle.

What polygon has interior angles that are all obtuse?

octagon, trapezoid, pentagon...* * * * *Not true.A trapezium (or trapeziod) must have at least one acute angle.Any regular polygon with 5 or more sides has all obtuse angles. However, an irregular polygon can always have one or more non-obtuse angles (acute, right or even reflex).

Are all angles acute?

No, angles smaller than 90 degrees are acute, angles bigger than 90 degrees are obtuse, angles that are 90 degrees exactly are right-angles, and angles larger than 180 degrees are reflex angles.

Do octagons have obtuse angles?

Yes. It must have an obtuse angle.

Does a hexagan have any obtuse angles?

A regular hexagon has all angles obtuse.

Which angles are obtuse?

all angles that are more then 180 degrees. * * * * * No, angles which arer more than 180 degrees are called reflex angles. An obtuse angle is one whose measure is between 90 and 180 degrees. It is, therefore, always smaller than 180 degrees.