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A good quality, proper specification American made light switch is so inexpensive, I can't understand why you would want to use a foreign light switch. Des Perado

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Q: Can an Australian 250W 15A light switch be installed in an American home?
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What is a remote light switch?

A remote light switch is a switch that triggers a light by remote. You can get one installed through your local home department store and have it rigged up to a universal remote.

Can you use an American light switch but in the UK using the British system for wiring?

No, the common American light switch is only rated for a maximum of 125 volts.

Why do brake lights on your 1978 Ford Fairmont come on when brake is pressed lightly but when pressed harder lights go out?

Probably a faulty brake light switch or the brake light switch is installed incorrectly.

How high should a light switch be installed on a wall?

I have always made them at least 4 feet from the floor.

What should you do if you installed a new light in an old house that uses a dimmer switch and now the light won't turn off?

The problem is most likely the dimmer switch itself. Start with replacing that first, and then go from there.

How many wall mount switch controlled lighting outlets shall be installed in every habitable room and bathroom?

There is no maximum or minimum amount in the U.S. for switched controlled outlets. You can have none if you want. However you must have one outlet installed evert 12 feet minimum or you can install more. If a wall is 2 feet or wider it must have an outlet installed.

What is a another word for recessed light?

Recessed light can be called as down light, pot light (canadian), can light (for canister in American). It is a light fixture that installed in hollow opening in ceiling.

2005 harley softail brake light stays on?

Most likely cause is a problem with the front brake light switch located in the right switch housing on the handlebars. If you installed new levers you may have ones for a different model or the clip that holds the switch my have fallen out.

Why does wall outlets only work when light switch is off?

The wall outlets are powered from the wall switch and the wall switch is installed upside down. You are actually turning it on when you think you are turning it off. Remove the wall switch and turn it 180 degrees.

Where is the Fog light relay switch on a 97 Jeep Cherokee?

Behind the glove box. It was an option and might not be there unless it was an installed option.

Why an electric main switch is turned off by pulling the handle downward where as a general light switch is turned on by pressing downward?

Ordinary household light switches are usually installed so that they turn off in the downward position. If yours turn on by pressing downward, it just means that someone installed them upside down. Electrical mains are designed and installed so that gravity would tend to open them not close them.

How do you install a dimmer to a light installed with W wire B wire and ground W running into the switch box if the switch box has power from B wire W wire and ground?

If you have one wire into your switch box for your light. this is called a switch leg, the dimmer should be wired across the black and white wire wires.

What is the function of the light switch on a microscope?

What is the function of the light switch on a microscope?

Why won't my brake lights come on in my Ford Explorer XLT?

Could be, a blown fuse, burned out bulbs, bad brake light switch, or an improperly installed brake light switch.

What is a stop light switch?

It is the brakes light switch

Where is brake light switch?

where is brake light switch

I have a 1990 Ford F150 with a 5spd M5 trans. New reverse light switch that works when you manually activate it but does not work with it installed in the transmission what is the problem?

sounds like a problem with the grounding on switch

How do you connect an ON-OFF switch to control the light?

To control a light with a switch, the switch has to be connected in series with the light fixture.

Why does my park light blow fuses?

i think that the light switch is shorting out are the auto light switch shorting for the thumb switch

Can you power a light switch power to switch then to light from a switch beside the one you want hot the switch that you want to take power from has the white as hot switch after light?

I can not understand your question.

Where is the light switch on a 1998 ford F350 for the dome light?

turn head light switch till it clicks and theses your dome light switch...

Where you can purchase a pressure sensitive Door Jam Light Switch Something that is much easier installed than the typical push type switch.?

Cooper makes a model #1664 and Edwards does as well, #501A-G

Who can install a vanity light?

Most people can install an bathroom vanity light if the electrical box and light switch are already installed. You just need to make sure you turn of the power while you are installing the light and be certain that you are attaching the wires correctly. If you are not comfortable installing the light fixture on your own, or if you need to install the electrical box for mounting and the light switch, then you will need to contact a licensed electrician to install it for you.

When was Light switch created?

Light switch was created in 1884.

When was Australian Gas Light Company created?

Australian Gas Light Company was created in 1837.

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