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Q: Can an even product ever have an odd factor?
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Can an odd product ever have an even factor?


When one factor is even and the other factor is odd the product is always what?


Can the greatest common factor of an odd and an even number ever be even?

No. Odd numbers don't have even factors.

How do you use inductive reasoning to prove the product of an odd integer and an even integer will always be even?

The product of an odd and even number will always have 2 as a factor. Therefore, it will always be even.

What is the result of product of even numbers and odd numbers?

If you multiply one even number by one odd number, the result is always even. In general, if you multiply several numbers, and at least one of the numbers is even, the product is always even. This is because "even" means "multiple of 2", and if one of the factors contains a 2 as a factor, so will the product.

Can you tell if the product of several numbers will be even or odd?

Yes it is possible to determine if a product will be even or odd. To do this, we need to consider what an even number is. Even numbers are numbers with at least one factor of 2 (meaning they are divisible by 2). Thus, any product of numbers which contains at least one even number will result in an even product. If all of the numbers being multiplied together are odd, the product will be odd. If one or more of the numbers is even, the product will be even.

When multiplying an odd number by an odd number why is the result odd?

The product of multiplication results in a number that has all of the factors of the two numbers being multiplied. All even numbers have the prime factor 2. Since no odd number has the factor 2, no product of those numbers can have it. So: - Odd numbers times odd numbers produce odd numbers. - Odd numbers times even numbers produce even numbers. - Even numbers times even numbers produce even numbers.

Is the greatest common factor of two even numbers always even?

Assuming the second even number is equal to 4 or greater, than the highest common factor of the two numbers is equal to an even number 2 or greater. Why can't an odd factor be used? Any odd factor must be multiplied by (at least) 2 to create an even product (ie. the 1st even number). That same odd factor must be multiplied by (at least 2) and any other number to create a 2nd even product, thereby making the Greatest Common Factor (at least) 2 times the odd number....which is an even number.

Is the product of two odd numbers odd or even?

The product of two odd numbers is always odd.

Why are some odd numbers composite?

Some. Any product of a set of odd numbers will be odd. To be even, a composite number must have at least one even factor. Therefore odd composite numbers must exist.

Is 32 a even factor or odd factor?


Can product of 2 odd no be even?

The product of two odd numbers is never even.