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As an equation, x/x = x2, or x2 = x/x. Multiplying both sides by x: x3 = x. Put everything on the left side: x3 - x = 0. Factoring the left part: x(x2 - 1) = 0, or x(x+1)(x-1) = 0. This has the solutions 0, 1, -1. However, 0 doesn't make sense in the original equation - it seems that multiplying with "x" introduced an extra solution.

The remaining solutions, 1 and -1, fit the original specification.

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Q: Can any number divided by itself equal to the square of the original number?
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What do squares of numbers mean?

Square is a number multiplied by itself (ie. 7x7), while a square root is a number which can be divided so that the quotient multiplied by itself will equal that original number (ie. (36 divided by 6)x6=36.

What is the value obtained by multiplying a number by itself?

It is the square of the original number. If the original number represents a length, then the square of the original number represents an area of a square with side equal to the original number.

To mutiply a number by itself?

You have squared the original number. The original number is now the square of the new quotient.

What is the square root of 1337 divided by itself?

1, any number that is divided by itself always equals 1

What is a square number that can be divided evenly by 4?

Itself or 16

How do you determine the value of the number if you already have your square root?

To get the original number, multiply the square root of the number by itself.

What is a non perfect square?

non perfect square is that it cannot be divided by any of the number . It is divided by only itself and one

What is a value that can be multiplied by itself to give the original whole number?

A square root is multiplied by itself to get a given whole number.

What is an even number and a square number?

An even number is any integer that can be divided by two evenly. A square number is any integer multiplied by itself. 2 is even 3 is odd 4 is even and a square of 2 9 is odd and a square of 3 The square of any even number will itself be an even number, and the square of any odd number will itself be an odd number.

What is the sqare root of -9?

The square root of a number is a number, which, when multiplied by itself, gives the original number. The square root of 9 is 3.

What number multiplied by itself equals 17.4?

A number multiplied by itself produces a square number. The original number is the square root of a square. So, the square root of 17.4 which is written as √ 17.4 = ±4.1713 (4dp) NOTE : The answer can be +4.1713 or -4.1713 as each number when squared (multiplied by itself) produces the positive number 17.4

If you cube the number of square feet in a square yard what will the number be?

The number will be the original number multiplied by itself three times. The unit of measure (square feet) will remain the same.