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Q: Can archos 7 be turned into a satnav?
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Can you go on msn on a archos 7?

No I dont think so i even want msn on my archos

Is the archos 7 a phone?

No. The Archos 7 is a IMT (Internet Media Tablet) not a phone. Although it can perform a few capabilites that a phone would have.

What is better archos 5 or archos 7?

archos 7 is better because it doesnot eat out with fat chicks;) no seriously archos makes great products and the best thing to do is get the break down by asking the experts aka send the help support or contuact them through emails and ski which is better. they will ask you what you want to use each for then you respond and ask for a breakdown between to the two and the different capiblities between them. most likely the archos 7 will be better as it is newer; however, the archos 5 will have more andriod apps

What size tablets are available from Archos?

Archos produces tablets in 9 inches, 4.8 inches, 7 inches and 13.3 inches. The Archos 9 inch and the 13.3 inch run on Windows 7. The smaller 4.8 inch and the 7 inch tablet run Google Android.

What is Archos's population?

Archos's population is 184.

What is the population of Archos?

The population of Archos is 99.

What is the best place for Archos 5 accessories?

There is 7 days leaft for the sale!?!

When was Archos created?

Archos was created on 1988-10-04.

Reading Books and Enjoying Entertainment with Archos 7?

Specializing in portable multi media tablets, Archos offers some of the best mobile entertainment devices. The Archos 70 eBook readers are designed for book lovers. Featuring a 7 inch TFT screen, the Archos 70 eBook readers are not straining on the eyes and allow users to read for up to 10 hours with the durable battery life. Offering plenty of versatility, the Archos 70 devices can also be used for video, audio, and photo playback on the go.

What does archos stand for?

Archos is the Greek word for "master". As for the tablet company, the name is an anagram of "Crohas", which is the last name of Henri Crohas, the founder of Archos.

Does the archos 605 have games?

Yes it does, but u have 2 pay $$$ for them. They are sold on the archos website.

What equiptment does a satnav use?


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