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Yes. For example, if you drive exactly 65 MPH consisently for an hour, your average speed will also be 65 MPH.

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Q: Can average speed and speed per hour be equal?
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What is the average speed if you travel 360km at an average speed of 80km per hour?

80 km per hour

What is the average speed of a wolf in miles per hour?

The average travel speed of a wolf is 5 miles per hour

Joe traveled 2145 miles in 38.5 hours What was his average miles per hour?

To calculate average speed, divide distance by time. In this instance, his average speed is equal to 2145/38.5 = 55.714285 recurring (that is, 55.714285714285...) miles per hour.

What is the persons average speed in kilometers per hour?

9km per hour

What is the speed of the average areoplane?

The average speed of an Aeroplane is about 700km per hour. While landing and take off its speed can be around 350km per hour.

What is the average speed of a car that travels 300 kilometers in 6 hours?

Expressed in kilometres per hour, this is equal to 300/6 = 50 kilometres per hour.

Will the speed per hour be exactly alike with the average speed?


You drive ten kilometres in twelve minutes What is your average speed in kilometres per hour?

50 kilometres per hour is your average speed.

What s the average speed of caltrain?

The average speed of the Caltrain is fifty-five miles per hour, but it has a top speed of seventy-nine miles per hour.

What is the average speed if you ran 42.2 km in 2.114 hours?

Your average speed was 12.4 miles per hour or 19.96 km per hour.

Rachel drove 174 miles in 180 minutes What was her average speed in miles per hour?

Her average speed was 58 miles per hour.

Edward traveled 110 kilometres in 2 hours What was the average speed in kilometre per hour?

His average speed was 55 kilometers per hour.

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