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Q: Can be used to override the order of operations?
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Used to override the order of operations?


How to override the order of operations?

Use brackets or parentheses.

Which operation should be performed first according to the order of operations?

In a standard calculation it would be the exponent, also known as the power of. However, the use of brackets can change the order of operations and so sometimes another operation could be done first. Exponents should be processed first, then multiplication and division, then addition and subtraction. The use of parenthesis brackets can be used to override this default precedence order.

How are order of operations used in everyday life?

order of opertion

How is the order of math operations used?


Is Order of Operations used around the world?

Yes it is!!

What are brackets used for in math?

They are used to change the order in which arithmetic operations are to be carried out.

What symbol is used first in order of operations?

Parentheses or brackets.

What order of operations equal 29?

With the appropriate set of numbers, any order can be used.

What acronym can be usedbto remember the order of operations?

BODMAS is the acronym that can be used to remember the order or operations.

Why mathematicians had to agree on an order of operations to be used to simplify a numerical expression?

It has nothing to do with agreement or negotiation. There's only one order of operations that leads to the correct outcome.

How much of a majority does congress have to have in order override the president's veto?

A 2/3 vote is required to override a president's veto.