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Q: Can experimental research be done using qualitative data?
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What are the Types of qualitative and quantitative research?

Qualitative research includes methods like interviews, focus groups, and observations that aim to explore experiences and opinions. Quantitative research involves numerical data collection and analysis, using methods such as surveys and experiments to measure relationships and patterns.

What is qualitative descriptive?

A method of analysis using qualitative research data.

Is numerical data quantitive research or qualitative research?

Numerical data is quantitative research

What are the similarities between quantitative research and qualitative research?

Quantitative research entails collecting and generating numerical data while qualitative research entails the generation of non-numerical data. Survey, questionnaires and measurements using various tools are common in quantitative research. Qualitative research often relies on verbal and theoretical data rather than measurements. Both research designs are used in the analysis and interpretation of a research topic.

Is numerical data quantitative or qualitative?

Numerical data is quantitative research

What are the differences in the ways that data can be collected in biological research?

Qualitative data

What two categories can research be divided into?

Research can be divided into two main categories: qualitative research, which focuses on understanding the "why" and "how" behind phenomena through qualitative data analysis; and quantitative research, which focuses on collecting and analyzing numerical data to answer research questions through statistical methods.

What type of reasoning does qualitative research use?

Qualitative research primarily uses inductive reasoning, which involves starting with specific observations or data points and then developing general conclusions or theories based on those observations. This approach allows researchers to explore deeper meanings, perspectives, and relationships within their data.

Experimental results must be qualitative and open for interpretation ture or false?

False. Experimental results are typically quantitative and aimed at providing measurable data that can be analyzed objectively. Qualitative data, on the other hand, is more descriptive and subjective, often requiring interpretation.

What are the characteristics of qualitative research?

Qualitative research focuses on exploring and understanding people's experiences, behaviors, and attitudes. It is typically conducted in natural settings, using methods such as interviews, observations, and focus groups to gather rich, detailed data. Qualitative research emphasizes subjective interpretation and in-depth analysis, rather than numerical measurement.

What has the author Greg Guest written?

Greg Guest has written: 'Collecting qualitative data' -- subject(s): Qualitative research, Social sciences, Research

Advantages of quantitative research?

The advantage of quantitative research is that you will get more accurate results when comparing results using qualitative research. This type of research uses statistics and mathematical data to learn new things about something.