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No! The courts are not the enemy and they prefer a child(ren) to be with those that love them. If the person that wants full custody of the child(ren) can sustain a decent lifestyle for them (education, a roof over their head, good environment, love and support) this can certainly tip the scales in your favor. Good luck! Marcy * It is impossible to legally determine which parent "loves" a child more than the other, therefore that would not be a viable issue. The issue as to who has been the primary physical caregiver however is definitely taken into consideration. To say a judge never considers financial factors and is always unbiased in such matters,is not a realistic assessment, as many parents caught up in custodial disputes could confirm. Therefore, the answer is yes; it is possible for a judge to be swayed by the economic situation of one parent. Is it right? No. Does it happen? absolutely!

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Q: Can financial factors outweigh love and care factors in a custody case?
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What does custody rights mean?

Custody rights are granted by a probate or family court order that grants the care, control, and maintenance of a child, to one or both parents following a following a divorce or separation proceeding or in the case of unmarried parents, when the father has established his paternity in court. An unmarried mother has custody of her child until the father has established his paternity in order to acquire parental rights. In another sense, a non-parent is sometimes granted a guardianship over a child and that person is said to have legal custody of the child. However, they are more accurately called the legal guardian. See related link.

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What does it mean if the custody agreement is equal?

It designates that both parents have the same rights to make decisions on pertaining to the child's/children's welfare. Such as schooling, medical care, participation in sports, etc. Although if compromises cannot be made the court will not trouble itself with the trivial issues, such as whether or not a child should be allowed to play soccer. Hopefully all decisions that need to be made by the parents will be amicable and in the child's/children's best interest.

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What is the legal definition of care custody and control?

Legal definition of care, custody and control?

Can a 17 year old lose custody of her newborn because of her age?

Not solely due to her age, but a 17-year-old who is making bad judgments about parenting or who has no financial resources to properly care for a child can easily lose custody.

What is Custody?

Custody is having the protective care or guardianship of someone or something.

Why did Lisa Wu hartwell lose custody of her kids?

At the time of her divorce from Keith Sweat, the judge felt that Keith more stable in his career and was financial sound to care for their two sons.

What isProtective Custody of child vs full custody of child?

It regards the issue of getting an emergency custody order for a child in need of care.

What is a synonym for custody?

care, supervision, keeping, charge

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There can be many things that affect us. Financial factors can affect our health as we are unable to endure some experiences as our financial cirmcustances unables us to such. Individuals from poorer backgrounds cannot have the same lifestyle as ones whom upbringing is from an higher archy family. There can be many things that affect us. Financial factors can affect our health as we are unable to endure some experiences as our financial cirmcustances unables us to such. Individuals from poorer backgrounds cannot have the same lifestyle as ones whom upbringing is from an higher archy family.

How can my mother-in-law get custody of my children?

you can sign the custody over to her or she could go to a judge and try to prove you unfit to take care of them and prove her having custody in their best interest

What does it mean when the father has sole physical and mother has joint legal?

Sole physical custody designates the parent with whom the child has a permanent residence. Joint legal custody is when both parents share equal rights and obligations to the child in regards to education, health care, financial suppport, etc. regardless of where the child resides.

What is required for a grandparent to take custody of a minor in Indiana?

A showing before the court of a need for custody due to a child in need of care.

You have temp custody of 2 children that are not related to you for 1yr how do you get legal custody of them?

File a motion for full guardianship of a child in need of care.

Should the tadition of the mother of the child get custody of the child change?

That tradition has changed over the years. The basis for custody should be determined by many factors, such as ability to care for the child, prior history of the parent's as regards criminal activity, drugs, alcohol, etc. Many courts now give joint custody, with split placement between the 2 parents on an alternating basis.