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Q: Can high school senior take college algebra?
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What is modern college algebra?

Modern College Algebra is is basically from Freshman (High School) to Senior year math, such as Pre Cal Algebra 1 & 2 and some geometry not much

Best 20 schools in Ghana?

Osei Tutu senior High School,Prempeh college,Opoku Ware senior high school

Do you have ideal college senior high school in dansoman?


What college does lee taemin go to?

He is a high school senior

What college does cassidy gifford attend?

She is a senior in High School

What are the senior high schools in Ashanti region?

Prempeh College Yaa Asantewaa Senior High Opoku Ware School Kumasi High School Kumasi Anglican Senior High School Osei Tutu Senior High School

Where did little Richard go to school high school and college?

Ballard Hudson Senior High in Macon Ga.

What are the best 10 schools in Ashanti Region?

opoku ware senior high school prempeh college knust senior high school kumasi high senior high school st louis senior high school yaa asantewaa senior high school kumasi academy senior high school kumasi anglican kumasi girls senior high school

What is the name of a high school in Hollywood?

well.... there is Hollywood senior high school, Fairfax senior high school, Loyola high school, San Fernando senior high school, Burbank high school, Belmot senior high school, and Arcadia high school thats all i know

What is the difference between intermidiate algebra and advanced algebra?

intermediate algebra is like medium difficulty. advanced algebra is harder for some people. that comes down to opinion... but advanced algebra teaches a more difficult or higher level math. its kind of like learning high school math in middle school, or college math in high school.

How difficult is the college algebra clep test?

College Algebra is a specific subject test, so you will need Algebra knowledge. However, if you have high school Algebra II level knowledge, it shouldn't be a problem for you. My only preparation for that exam was a high school Algebra II course. **Full Disclosure* I am an employee of, a 100% Guaranteed CLEP exam preparation site.*

What if you fail algebra in high school?

you don't go to college. if you make any C's in high school there's a really good chance you won't go to college or you won't get into a good college and you will have to go to a community college.

Where did Gary Larson go to college?

Gary Larson went to Curtis Senior High School

Some school in Hollywood California?

Hollywood Senior High (My school) , Fairfax Senior High, San Fernando Senior High, Burbank Senior High, Belmont Senior High, and Arcadia High

When to apply for college?

The best time would be during your senior year of high school.

Do you have to be in high school to be eligible for the Scholarship?

Yes, you have to be a senior in high school or a college undergrad who will again be an undergrad during the 2010-2011 school year.

If you Had no placement in the senior high school what should you do?

If you Had no placement in the senior high school what should you do?

What is the motto of Manjimup Senior High School?

Manjimup Senior High School's motto is 'Aim High'.

What is the hardest subject in math?

high school algebra CORRECT ANSWER: Linear Algebra in high school.

What high school did Brad Fittler go to?

St Dominic's College, St Mary's High School (Western Suburb of Sydney) and McCarthy Senior High, NSWCCC

Why should Algebra be taught in middle school and high school?

Algebra is essential in life!

Can a twenty yr old college sophomore go to the prom with a senior high school student?


What grade should you be in if you're 18?

You should either be a senior in high school or a freshman in college.

What grade is gabby Douglas in right now?

She is either a senior in high school or a freshman in college.

When was Westminster Senior High School created?

Westminster Senior High School was created in 1899.