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No, they should not be wired together.

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Q: Can neutral and ground be wired together?
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How do you wire for reversed polarity?

the hot and neutral are wired forwards the ground and neutral are wired backwards

Reversed polarity is when a the hot and neutral are wired forwards b the ground and neutral are wired backwards c the hot and neutral are wired backwards?

Reversed polarity in ac wiring is when the hot and neutral are reversed.

How should old 3 wire stove be wired in panel bare wire to neutral or ground or both?

Ground wire to neutral wire.

What prongs are hot and neutral in a house plug?

ive always wired black hot,,,white neutral,,,green ground

Why are the GFCI breakers nuisance tripping in your 100 amp sub panel- is it because neutral bonded to ground?

It may be the GFCI breaker is defective. Make sure it is wired correctly. Neutral to neutral bar and ground to ground bar.

Reversed polarity is when the ground and neutral are wired backwards or when the hot and neutral are wired backwards?

I am getting ready to take a inspectors test. and one of the things we have to do is look up some of the questions online did you get the answer to this one?

Does the neutral wire have a charge in a gfci circuit breaker?

No. Not if the GFCI is wired correctly. The neutral wire should always be cold, or at ground potential.

Single phase 4 pole Gen alt w 240V 60hz output no neutral. you check from each lead to ground and get 50-70V How do you get a neutral for connecting Gen to a standard breaker box having 240V and 120V?

Neutral is at the jumper that changes it from 120v to 240v. Two stator windings are used in series to make 240v; at that junction is (when wired in Series)your neutral/common/ground. Ground this terminal and use it for your neutral/common. When wired in parallel you have 110v and the jumper is removed and there is no common/neutral and ground is from the frame of the generator.

Is reversed polarity when the ground and the neutral are wired backwards?


Can the bare grounded neutral conductor of a service be buried directly in the ground?

A bare grounded neutral should never get close to the ground if it is wired properly. When the neutral leaves the meter base it is in conduit and should enter into the distribution panel where it connects to the neutral buss. It is at this junction that the copper ground wire is connected after coming from the outside ground rod or ground plate which ever grounding system was used.

Can you go from a 4 prong connection to a three prong connection on a dryer?

Yes, older dryers were wired this way. If you have knowledge and can identify the neutral, you can use this wire as a ground also as neutral should be bonded to ground in the USA.

Why do some electric panel have ground and neutral bonded together?

By National Electric Code only the Main Panel should bond ground and neutral. If subpanels have ground and neutral bonded, it could cause ground loops and shock hazards.

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