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As long as the second wire is insulated at both ends you can't have any problems.

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Q: Can number two conductor wire be used for an in-ground dog containment system if only one of the wires is connected or would bleed-off occur limiting the effectiveness?
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How much voltage of electricity can be stored?

Using a 12 volt battery, 12 volts can be stored. If you have TWO 12 volt batteries in series, you can store 24 volts. It depends on how much storage you have. I suspect you're referring to storing power (voltage * current), not necessarily voltage. Power can be stored as electrical power in batteries and capacitors, or as kinetic power (such as in a flywheel or generator rotor), and even as potential energy (such as in a water tower), or chemical energy (like you body stores energy as fat, or creating hydrogen from water using electrolysis). You can store as much as you have physical material (there's only so much water to put in a water tower) and money to build the necessary equipment. Different methods will store more energy than others, but will have more losses associated with that storage, or may have bleedoff problems where the power stored will decay at an accelerated rate (so many percent per hour, or day).

What is it called when a conductor is connected to Earth?

Grounding?AnswerIf a line conductor is unintentionally connected to earth, then it is an earth fault.

Where is the grounding conductor connected?

The grounded conductor is usually covered in white or light gray insulation. The grounded conductor is connected to the grounding conductor at one and only one point, usually near the transformer or in the circuit breaker panel.

A conductor directly connected to the Earth?


Why is the outer conductor in a coaxial cable connected to the earth?

To prevent the outer conductor, or shield, from radiating, it is connected to electrical earth, keeping it at a constant potential.

What is a conductor connected to earth?

It is earth wire for protection

Conductor directly connected to the earth?

A conductor that is directly connected to the earth is called ground. One of its applications is through the determination of the field strength of surface wave radio transmissions.

How fuse or circuit breaker connected with the other elements in a circuit?

A fuse is connected in series with the load. For safety reasons, it is always placed in the line conductor, never in the neutral conductor.

How would it be connected so that the effectiveness of the resistance is the sum of the separate resistances?

In series.

Is a battery an example of a conductor?

A battery is not a conductor. It is a form of energy storage that can be connected to a circuit in order to produce electricity.

What happens when a positively charged electroscope is connected to another uncharged electroscope by a conductor?

positive charge flow through the conductor.

When to test for polarity?

In the context of electricity installations, a polarity test is used to confirm the correct connection of the line and neutral conductors. For example, for an Edison-screw lamp holder, it is important that the line conductor is connected to the centre terminal and the neutral conductor is connected to the outer conductor. Similarly, it's important to confirm that switches are located in the line conductor not the neutral conductor. For socket outlets, it's important to confirm that the line and neutral conductors are connected to the correct terminals.

What is the grounding conductor connected to in a residential installation?

nutral bus in the subpanel

What is a ''phase''?

The three energised {'hot') conductors that connect a three-phase supply to its load are called 'line conductors' or, simply, 'lines'. In a delta-connected system, phases are connected BETWEEN lines. In a star (wye) connected system, a phase is connected between any line conductor and the neutral conductor.

When does electricity flow through a solid electrical conductor?

When the two ends of the conductor are connected to a source of EMF, electricity flows through it.

Why is a conductor a conductor?

Because it has enough 'free' electrons to pass the energy to it's neibouring electrons when heated or connected to an electrcial supply.

What are the two components of a building's lightning protection system?

The earthing spike and earthing conductor and the earth pit to which the earth conductor is connected to.

Why must a fuse always be connected in a non-earthed conductor?

It is the ungrounded conductor that carries the load current. It is that conductor that needs to be protected should a fault current occur. That is what the fuse in that circuit does.

How do you connect the wattmeter to measure the active power?

The voltage coil must be connected between the line conductor and the neutral conductor. The current coil must be connected in the line conductor. The instrument's polarity markings must be observed -if the meter reads 'downscale' (backwards), then you need to reverse the connection of one of the coils.

What is the advantage of connecting the outer conductor of a coaxial cable to ground?

To prevent the outer conductor, or shield, from radiating, it is connected to electrical ground, keeping it at a constant potential.

What is the containment doctrine?

a doctrine of containment :p

How do you wire a 3 wire European oven white black green to a US receptacle with 4 wires white black red and bare?

red wire connected to live conductor of supply intake,while the white wire connected to neutral conductor or supply and the bare wire connected to the protective earthing of

What is the definition of 'containment'?

In reference to the word "Containment," in the historical context of Communism, containment is the blocking of another nation's attempts to spread its influence. The actual word containment means to block passage or quarantine.

What is an electrical busbar?

Electrical bus bar is a conductor through which incoming and outgoing alternator is connected.

Is a lamp contact a conductor or insulator?

The "contact" ... that is, the point where one side of the power supply is connected ... must be a conductor. Otherwise the lamp doesn't behave like a lamp.