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I am guessing you mean that you want to know your date of conception? It really depends on a couple of factors. If your normal periods are regular, you can be fairly accurate with conception date within a couple of days. Count back 14 days from when your period was DUE (ie but didn't come because you were pregnant) and this will be around the time of conception. Conception date will be within two days either side of this date. If you are pregnant now, an ultrasound will tell you very accurately what your conception date is. As long as you have an ultrasound within the first 10 weeks - the earlier the better. An experienced ultrasonic person can tell you down to the day - ie six weeks and three days.

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Q: Can one determine the date of conseption closer that two weeks?
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If the ultrasound tells you that you are 8 weeks 3 days can you determine the day you got pregnant?

Between 6 and 7 weeks before the date of the scan.

If delivery was February 24th when was conception?

The exact date is hard to determine. Gestation on average is said to be 40 weeks but in reality it is anywhere from 38 to 42 weeks.

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How accurate is a due date calculator?

Due date calculators are very useful in determining the approximate due date of a baby. Due date calculators use the date of the last menstrual period and calculates out 40 weeks to determine a due date. Most women give birth between 38 and 42 weeks, some due date calculators are great rough estimators of the time frame of birth.

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If a woman's periods are not regular and she falls pregnant how accurately can one then determine the conception date from an ultrasound?

For about the first 10-12 weeks all babies grow at about the same rate so term date can be calculated fairly accurately, you then count back 38 weeks for the date of conception. After 12 weeks babies may not all grow at the same rate so it becomes less accurate.

Is it possible to be further along in your pregnancy than what your ultrasound says?

When they do an ultrasound, they measure the baby's head and that's how they determine how far along you are. So if your baby's head is smaller than average, then they would give you a farther due date; If it's bigger than average they would give you a closer due date. Please remember your due date is an estimated guess, not the actual date you will absolutely deliver It depends how much the difference is and at what stage you have the ultrasound. At six weeks ultrasounds are accurate to within 2-3 days, by 12 weeks they are accurate to within 4-5 days and by 20 weeks they are only accurate within 5-7 days.

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