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Yes, one can.

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Q: Can one study economics when one is good at mathematics?
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How can you be an economist?

Study economics at a university or college. Although you do not have study economics to become one. You need to have very good quantitative skills and be good at analyzing markets

Which one is correct-she is good at mathematics or she is good in mathematics?

she is good at mathematics

Which one is correct- my mathematics is good or my mathematics are good?

"My mathematics is good" is correct out of the choices given, but a better sentence would be "I am good at mathematics".

Where can one study a degree in economics?

Most recommend you study economics either at a local university or college (assuming one near-by has an economics course). If that isn't an option, there are many online universities and colleges which offer degrees in economics.

Where can one study for a degree in actuarial mathematics in the UK?

There are a numerous places one can Study for a Degree in Actuarial Mathematics in the UK. One can study this at the University of Leeds or Kingston University. Alternatively, there are numerous online Universities one can try.

Is economics a specialized skill?

Economics is not a specialized skill, rather, an area of study. One cannot economic something.

How are numbers related to math?

The study of numbers is one of the topics of mathematics.

Is it important to study economics as a business student?

yes, it is important to learn economics because it is also one of the main subjects as well

What branch of mathematics is being used in terrorist detection?

Statistics is one branch of mathematics being used in terrorist detection. Economics is another brand used to detect terrorist activities.

'what is the definition of economics by Alfred marshall'?

"Political Economy or Economics is a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life. It examines that part of individual & social action which is most closely connected with the attainment & with the use of material requisites of well-being. Thus, it is on one side the study of wealth and on the other important side it is the study of man." Marshall is the founder of neo-classical school of thought (or the welfare school of economics), and his followers are of the view that on the one hand economics is the study of wealth and on the other hand, it is the study of man, who is more important than wealth. Further they are of the view that material welfare is the primary aim of economics. So economics is the study of material welfare.

What college in Kentucky can I study Mathematics at?

The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky has the best academic program for studying mathematics in Kentucky. It is considered one of the best high schools in the country.

How can you learn mathematics without a help of a teacher?

Just get a a school mathematics syllabus from some one get a math text book and do your study step by step.

What is the relation of economics to sociology?

Economics deals with the economics activities of man. Economic factors play a vital role in the aspect of our social life. total development of individual depends very much on economic factors. without economic conditions the study of society(sociology) is quiet impossible. that is why marshall defines economics as "on one side the study of wealth and on the other and more important side a part of the study of man". in the same way economics is influenced by sociology

What is the difference between a bachelors of science in economics and abachelors of arts in economics?

Generally when one has mathematics, statistics or other science related subject as subsidiary subject with the economics honours paper, then it is B Sc. in economics and when one has geography, English or other arts subject with economics it is B.A. in economics. Though the degree provided, can also depend on the university, such as, with mathemics Calcutta University gives B. Sc. degree but Visva-Bharati University gives B. A. degree for Economics.

What is the requirement to study bachelor of mechanical engineering?

one you must be good in mathematics. from first year to third year of you study is more on foundations in math and its application. you should have basics in chemistry though needed in your basic engineering courses only. then you must be good in technical drawing.

What are all the answers to everyday mathematics math boxes for study link 9.13?

There are several websites that will help you cheat on homework and study assignments. This site is not one of them.

How is math incorporated into the study of biology?

There are many places that mathematics are used; one example is in prediction of gene expression.

Which subject should I select in o levels?

O Level students are required to study 8 subjects, of which English Language, Islamiat, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies and Urdu are compulsory. Islamiat could be optional in Pakistan if in case the person is non-Muslim. He could choose sociology or anyother subject as an alternative option. In order to choose the other three subjects, students may select one of the following combinations: 1. Physics 2. Chemistry 3. Biology OR *Additional Mathematics 1. Accounting 2. Economics 3. Additional Mathematics OR Business Studies Combination 1 is the most preferred as it allows all options for higher studies to remain open. Students prepared in O Level sciences can easily study Economics, Accounting and Business Studies at A Level provided they are good in Mathematics and English. Also is the fact that A Level Economics, Accounting and Business Studies courses also cover the respective O Level syllabus so studying them at O Level barely contributes to students' knowledge. A student who studies, for example, Economics for five years (three years at O Level and two years at A Level) knows nothing extra about Economics than the student who studies Economics only at A Level. I strongly recommend that students must study Physics, Chemistry and Biology at O Level irrespective of their future study plans. So Eventually the Students who enter in the O level should definitely choose the science in order to gain knowledge.

What is the relationship between economics and other social sciences?

Economics is one of the major social sciences and can have its theories applied into other areas of study. The philosophy of economics can be applied to other social sciences like politics, law, and anthropology.

What did Princess Diana study before she became princess?

Princess Diana ever realy study anything beccause she bary made it though high school and didn't even go to collage. But one suject she was realy good at was home Economics.

Where can one study how to become a financial planner?

One can study how to become a financial planner by taking college courses or classes on insurance, business, real estate, economics, and finance related courses.

What does algebra mean?

Algebra is a branch of mathematics concerning the study of structures, relation and quantity. Together with geometry, analysis, combinatorics and number theory, Algebra is one of the main branches of mathematics.

Relation of economics to social science?

Economics is often described as a body of knowledge or study that discusses how a society tries to solve the human problems of unlimited wants and Because economics is associated with human behavior, the study of economics is classified as a social science. Because economics deals with human problems, it cannot be an exact science and one can easily find differing views and descriptions of economics. In this discussion, the focus is an overview of the elements that constitute the study of economics, that is, wants, needs,, resources, goods and services, economic choice, and the laws of supply and demand.

Is it necessary to study economics in a situation of abundant resources?

Without a study of economics, one can easily turn into a "resource curse" which contributes to poverty in the resource-rich countries in Africa. A study of economics help people find the most efficient way to utilize those rich resources in a non-wasteful way so that the standards of living can increase. However, as economics is the study of the scarce, IF there is UNLIMITED (by that, it means that the resources will never run out, even after years and such - resources are infinite) then economics as we know it does not exist since all goods are treated as air and sun shines in the new world.

How mathematics can be related to the statistic?

One form of advanced math is the study of series and probablity which is required for use in stastical analysis.