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no they can not! They can only use it for like future wise dotocrs being a teacher working wise any thing like that but not for communicateion!

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โˆ™ 2007-05-01 23:16:23
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Q: Can people use math to communicate?
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How did people use to communicate in the early years?

the early people use to communicate by using telegrams

What are some symbols letters of the alphabet people use to communicate?

People use all the letters of the alphabet to communicate. They use the letters to forms words. Words by convention have meanings which are used to communicate.

Why do people use ICT?

they want to communicate

Why do people use words?

people use words to communicate and talk

Does math help one communicate?

Math is the language of science. We all use math to quantify everything so when we compare values we can see if there really is a difference in things. Math is also about problem solving not just calculating like it is in arithmetic.

Why do people use email?

is is they way to communicatePeople use email to communicate with friends family or any other person, email can be used to communicate across oceans and other far distances.

Why do people use Greek symbols in math?

They use Greek symbols in math since Greek mathematicians invented math.

How are logic and math related?

people usually use logic in math and math in logic

Why do people make words?

We need to communicate so, why not use words? How else would YOU communicate?

How do people communicate on the internet?

They use chats like in deviant art, to role-play or just to chill with friends. People also use emails to communicate but usually more business like people do this.

How do Australia people living on a sheep station communicate with the outside world?

Most people use radios to communicate with the outside world.

What do you use language for?

u can communicate with people...

What do people ues language for?

They use it to communicate.

When do people use math?

people use math when they are at work measuring something or trying to work out the time or at school

What do people use for communication in Brazil?

they use Spanish language to communicate.

How can people communicate through arts and crafts?

By the use of arts and crafts people can communicate because using drawings can tell a story to someone.

Why do people use sign language?

People use sign language to communicate with those who are profoundly deaf.Some people are both deaf, blind and dumb (cannot speak). The use their hands to feel sign language and "speak" using their hands.If you are deaf it is the way to communicate with people.A LOT of people use sign language! We use it to communicate with the deaf and sometimes animals, like monkeys.

In what ways to people use math?

by going to schoola nd learning math

What did people use to communicate in the olden days?

People used smoke signals, drums and some people had messengers. Yes people did communicate by drawing on rocks which are called rock paintings.

Why do you use phones in our homes?

You use phones in the house to communicate with people from your house

How do you use subtraction in the real world?

you always use math in your life weather you are adding , subtracting , multipling or dividing you are always using math ! there is not a day that goes by that people dont use math !

What do boats use to communicate silently?

Boats (people) can communicate silently with flags or light signals.

How do people actually use math in their daily lives?

people use math to tell time , height, distance, size, hope it helps folks

Uses of maths in different field?

People use math everyday which makes it the most usefull and you can use math every where like seriuosly: ANYWAY!

Why do people use images to tell stories or communicate?