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Q: Can rigid motions change the size of a figure?
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Why reflections translations and rotation are rigid motion s?

Reflections, translations, and rotations are considered rigid motions because they preserve the size and shape of the original figure. These transformations do not distort the object in any way, maintaining the distances between points and angles within the figure. As a result, the object's properties such as perimeter, area, and angles remain unchanged after undergoing these transformations.

A change in the size of position of a figure?


What is it called when you change the size of a figure?


Does dilation change the shape?

Geometric dilation (size change, typically expansion) does not change the shape of a figure, or its center location, only the size.

Change in position shape or size of a figure?


What is a transformations that do not change the size or shape of a figure?

rotationtranslationreflectionshifts (trig)

What is rigid metallic conduit?

The metal which does not undergo any kind of deformation under the action of external forces on it is a rigid metal. It will not change in size, shape and position in response to external actions.

What type of transformation can change the size of an image from the original figure?


Define translation in math?

change of position, shape, or size of figure

What is a change in the position shape or size of a geometric figure called?

a transformation

What size rigid conduit for 400 amp service?

4 inch rigid conduit

What occurs when a rigid container of gas is heated?

Given that the container is "rigid" the size of the container holding the gas cannot change. Since the volume of the container remains constant, so too does the volume of the gas. The pressure however will increase.