Can some mean two

Updated: 9/16/2023
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'Some' is meant for four or more. 'Couple' is meant for two.

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Q: Can some mean two
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What are some names that mean two-faced?

Janice is a Greek God who happened to have two faces.

What are two other words for mean?

well..there are two different types of ''meanings'' the mean. First is mean like for ex. ''Mom! some girls at school where being mean to me!'' and the second one ''What do you mean?'' /i hoped this helped :)/

What does Scale Factor mean?

A scale factor is a number which scales, or multiplies, some quantity. A scale factor of two would mean to multiply whatever it is by two.

What does bicephalous mean?

Bicephalous means having two heads (i.e. some aliens or monsters have two heads).

How many seats are there in a fighter jet aircraft?

It depends on which aircraft you mean: some are single seaters, some are two seaters.

What is a two cell umbilical cord?

I think you mean a two vessel cord. The cord usually has three vessels, two arteries and a vein, occasionally there is only one artery which may mean there is some problem with the baby, possibly with the kidneys.

What does danna mean in Japanese?

It can mean two things. It can mean "master" in some cases, but more commonly you use it meaning "husband".

What does biantibrachial mean?

Biantibrachial means having two forearms on each arm (i.e. some aliens or monsters have two forearms on each arm).

What does biantipedal mean?

Biantipedal means having two forelegs on each leg (i.e. some aliens or monsters have two forelegs on each leg).

What does diprosopus mean?

Diprosopus means having two faces (i.e. some aliens or monsters have two faces). It is also a type of head disorder.

Is the geometric mean the same as the mean of two numbers?

No, the geometric mean is not the same as the mean of two numbers.

What does classifying triangles mean?

Some triangles can be classified by only term, and some triangles fall into two overlapping, non-mutually-exclusive categories.