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ok, let's see: (3a-2a) + (2b+5b) +(-c +3c) = a + 7b +2c I think that's right.

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Q: Can someone Simplify the expression 3a plus 2b - c - 2a plus 5b plus 3c by combining like terms?
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What can you simplify an expression by combining what?

Like Terms and Variables

What are the directions when you have an expression?

When you have an expression you have to simplify by eliminating all grouping symbols and combining like terms.

How do you simplify the expression by combining like terms?


How do you simplify by combining like terms?

You add (or subtract) like terms. This will reduce the number of terms in the expression and that is the extent of simplification that you can achieve using this process.

Simplify the expression 3xy plus 5xy by combining as many terms as possible?

There are only the two terms, so 8xy

What does it mean to simplify an algebraic expression?

It means to rewrite the expression so that it is in its simplest form. You can do this by combining like terms. For example: The equation 2x + 3x = 5 can be simplified to 5x = 5 by combining the "x's".

Simplify the expression 3a plus 2b - c - 2a plus 5b plus 3c by combining like terms?

a + 7b + 2c

What are similar terms in maths?

That refers to terms that have exactly the same combination of variables. For example, in 5xy + x2 - 3xy, the first and last term have the same variables, so they are similar. You can simplify an expression by combining such terms.

Which expression is equivalent to 4.8 2.2w-1.4w 2.4?

Lots of expressions are equivalent to it. But for a start, you may want to simplify it, by combining like terms - i.e., add the terms with the variable "w", and separately add the terms without a variable.

What does in mean to simplify an algebraic expression by combining like terms?

If you have a expression that goes; 2x + 5x etc etc Simplifying the like terms is 7x 2x and 5x are like terms, but 2y and 2x are not. The variable needs to be the same.

How do you simplify an expression that has several terms?

There are several things you can do to simplify expressions. Specifically for expressions with several terms, two things you can do is to combine similar terms (terms that have the same combination of variables), and then (usually after combining), see if you can apply one of the common methods of factoring, such as looking for common factors, looking for a perfect cube, factoring the difference of squares, the sum or difference of cubes, etc.

How are the order of operations and combining like terms are used to simplify expressions?

They are used to simplify expressions by helping to reduce the numbers that there is

To simplify the expression 8t plus 10t you?

You combine like terms.

Rewriting what expression so that it has no grouping symbols and all of the like terms have been combined?

Simplify an Expression

What does simplify the expression mean?

to simplify an expression means to take all the like terms and make them one. for example if the expression is 2x+5x+1x-4 , you would simplify it by adding 2x,5x,&1x because they are all alike... it would become 8x-4

How do you solve -r -10r?

You cannot solve an expression. You can only simplify it. Assuming you mean simplify, you do this by combining like terms. Since both terms have an "r" in them, you simply add the coefficients together. Example: 5x + 2x would be 7x Example: -3y + 8y would be 5y Example: -2p - 4p would be -6p You should be able to simplify your problem now.

What is the answer when you combine like terms to simplify the expression when it is 14t plus 15-2t?

12t + 15

When can you simplify a fraction or a rational algebraic expression?

When the denominator is a factor of the numerator. If there is 2x in the numerator and denominator these terms cancel.

What is simplification of an expression?

If you're asked to simplify an expression, you need to expand all brackets if there are any, and collect all like terms. If the question is a fraction you have to give the answer in its simplest form

a)Why do we simplify Boolean expressions?

Through Boolean algebra simplification, a Boolean expression is translated to another form with less number of terms and operations. A logic circuit for the simplified Boolean expression performs the identical function with fewer logic components as compared to its original form.

What is the answer for adding polynomials 2z plus 3z plus 5z plus 4 plus 6x-2x?

We can simplify this expression by combining the like terms. Here the likes terms are the z's and the x's.2z + 3z + 5z = 10z. (If we have 2 of something and add three of the same thing and then 5 of the same thing we will end up with 10 of that thing).Likewise we can combine the x's.6x - 2x = 4x. (You could think of this as 6x + - 2x if this helps with the idea of "combining".)Therefore we are able to simplify this expression as:2z + 3z + 5z + 4 + 6x - 2x = 10z + 4 + 4x.

What is the definition of a simplify?

simplify means to get an expression to its simplest form (a.k.a. combine like terms, add together constants) i.e. x + x + 5 + 3 simplified is 2x + 8

What is 3x-2y plus 7 plus 3x simplify the following expression?

Combine like terms. 6x - 2y +7.

What is the answer when you combine like terms to simplify the expression when it is14.9-y y 5.78?


What does a commutative property have to do with combining like terms?

When you have an expression consisting of several terms added together, and they are not all like terms, and there are like terms separated by unlike terms, you use the commutative law of addition to rearrange the terms so that the like terms are next to each other.