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yes they can be used as a calculator!

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โˆ™ 2009-05-18 19:46:25
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Q: Can the Numb keys on right side of computer keyboard function as a calculator?
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How do you get the math symbols times and divide on the computer keyboard?

The simple buttons are usually to the right of the keyboard. They look like /, *, -, and +. For more complex buttons I have no idea how to get to them. But if you go to the calculator that is on the computer, you can click view, then scientific mode. This will bring up a scientific calculator with other symbols.

What are the five major areas of a computer keyboard?

The five major areas of a computer keyboard are:The typewriter keys (letters and numbers)The function keys in a line at the top(F1, F2, etc.)The numeric keypad on the right (numbers organized like a calculator keypad)The insert, home, page up keys and their opposites on the upper rightThe up, down, left right navigation arrow keys on the lower part of the keyboard

How do you do a star on the computer keyboard?

on the far right side of your keyboard above the letter '9' *******

How do you install a Keyboard?

When you plug in the keyboard to your computer it will automatically install. If it does not install right away give your computer a few minutes to work on it. If there was a disk included with your keyboard you may have to insert it to install your keyboard.

Where is the new button on a computer keyboard?

It is right next to the old button.

What does the quarter moon on the right side of your keyboard mean?

It restarts your computer.

What is the one-third of 129?


Where is return key on computer keyboard?

Middle right, the key marked "Enter".

How do you connect a keyboard to a computer?

How do you connect a keyboard to a computer?First, get the keyboard and look at the wire. Then, connect the wire to the USB jack to your computer. If your keyboard is older, you are going to have to get an adapter for that or if your computer has the right jack then connect it to the other, older jack. Or if you have an older computer but newer keyboad then you will still have to get an adapter unless your computer has a USB then you wont have to get an adapter! Well, that how you connect a keyboard to your computer! Your Welcome!By: Nathaniel Johnson@ Nathans Music StudioEmail me at:

What are two uses of a computer keyboard?

two uses of a computer keyboard are 1. its like a typing machine 2. instead of using the cursor to shut down the computer you can use the keyboard the arrows(up ddown left right) or the windows sign.

What is 256 plus 256?

512 u do no u have a calculator on ur computer right ?

Which finger should you use for the u key on the keyboard of the computer?

Your right index finger.

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