Can the average be zero

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Sure. If some of the items on the list are positive and some are

negative, then their average can be positive, negative, or zero.

But if all of them are positive, then their average must be more

than zero. Remember that the average is always greater than the

least item on the list, and less than the greatest one.

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Q: Can the average be zero
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If the displacement is zero then is the average velocity also zero?

Average velocity is zero if the displacement is zero. Average velocity = Displacement/Time = 0/Time = 0.

Can the average velocity of a moving body be zero?

Yes, if it returns to its starting place, the average velocity for the cycle will be zero. The average SPEED, however, will not be zero.

When is average veloctiy zero while the average speed is non-zero?

in circular motion

Can you have zero displacement and non zero average velocity?


Can you have zon zero displacement and a non zero average velocity?


Is it possible to have a situation in which the speed of a particle is always zero but the average speed is not zero?

No. If the speed is always zero, then the average of its speed at any two points in time is also zero.

Why the average product increases but never reaches zero?

why average product labour never gets to zero

Can average speed or average velocity be zero?


What is the average snowfall in Puerto Rico?

Zero on average.

What is the average weight of a shed?

The shed is of zero mass and zero weight

Can a body have nonzero average speed but have zero average velocity give example?

An object moving in a circular path at constant speed will have a non-zero average speed and zero average velocity since velocity is a vector parameter,

Can there be zero displacement and nonzero average velocity?

It is not possible because the average velocity is equal to the displacement in a given time interval, ie: V = (displacement) / (time interval) As the zero displacement average speed will also be zero.

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