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Yes it can.

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Q: Can the cross section of a cube be an equilateral triangle?
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What types of triangles can be formed by taking the cross section of a cube?

equilateral, isosceles, and scalene.

How can you cut a cross section from a cube to make it a triangle?

You would cut off a corner.

Can a cube have an octagonal cross section?

No, a cube cannot have an octagonal cross-section.

What is the cross section of a cube?

Cross section of a Cube90 Degree Vertical & Horizontal cross sections of a Cube are square. Brahmajyothi

What is the cross section formed by a plane that intersects three faces of a cube?

It is a triangle.

Which solid has all congruent faces?

A cube and an equilateral triangle based pyramid

A shape has equal sides?

Here are three: equilateral triangle, square, and cube

What is a cross section of a cube?

It depends on the angle of the plane of the cross section. If it is parallel to the cube's face (or equivalently, two adjacent edges) the cross section will be a square congruent to the face. If the plane is parallel to just one edge (and so angled to a face), the cross section will be a rectangle which will have a constant width. Its length will increase, remain at a maximum level and then decrease. If neither, it will be a hexagon-triangle-hexagon-triangle-hexagon (triangles when passing through a vertex).

A shape with all equal sides?

A square, a cube, a diamond, a equilateral triangle, a triangular based pyramid made of equilateral triangles...

What is the vertical cross section of a cube?

It is a square.

What is the base cross section of a cube?

A square.

What is the horitontal cross section of a cube?

A square

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