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It is a triangle.

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Idk because u were supposed to answer for me

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Q: What is the cross section formed by a plane that intersects three faces of a cube?
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What is the answer to 2 faces that are pentagon 5 rectangular faces?

It is a prism with a pentagonal cross-section

How many faces does quadillateral prism have?

The number of faces in a prism is one face for each of the sides of its cross-section plus the two end faces. A quadrilateral prism has a quadrilateral as its cross-section. Therefore it has 4 + 2 = 6 faces.

What has six faces?

Cube, Cuboid. Any prism with a quadrilateral cross section

What is the vertical cross section of a cylinder?

circle if the cylinder is place so that it can roll. If the cylinder is placed on one of its circular faces, its cross-section is a rectangle.

What is this 3 dimensional figure a cross section that can be circle or rectangle and the object has to faces?

a cylinder

What shape does a triangle prism have that a rectangle prism doesn't?

Triangular faces (and cross section).

Is a three-dimensional figure with no triangular faces have a cross section that is a triangle?

Yes. A cuboid, for example, has triangular cross sections

Does a triangular prism have 3 pairs of parallel faces?

No. it could only have one pair of parallel faces. The cross section is triangular.

Are the cross sections on a cube uniform?

Only if the section is taken by a plane parallel to one of the faces.

What solid has 7 faces 15 edges and 10 vertices?

A prism that has pentagonal cross-section

What shape has 8 faces 18 edges and 12 vetices?

An hexagonal cross-section prism has 8 faces, 18 edges and 12 vertices

A polyhedron that has two congruent faces is called?

A polyhedron that has two congruent faces is called a prism. It means that when it is cut at the cross-section, the shape is the same as its base.

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