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0/3 is equal to nothing, so 0/3 written as a decimal would be 0

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Q: Can the fraction 0 over 3 be written as a decimal?
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What is the decimal 0. written as a fraction?

0 x where x != 0

What is 0 percent as a decimal and fraction?

Decimal:0 Fraction:0

Can 0 over 3 be written as a decimal?

0 over any number always equals 0, so no it can't be written with a decimal.

What is a real number that can be written as a fraction denominator does not equal 0 a repeating or terminating decimal or an integer?

Any number that can be written as a fraction (with a non-zero denominator) is a rational number; in decimal format it will either terminate (possibly with no digits after the decimal point, ie an integer) or end in a repeating sequence of digits. Any number which cannot be written as a fraction (one integer over another) is an irrational number. If I understand your question correctly: A number written as a fraction with a denominator which does not equal zero can be any of a terminating decimal, a recurring decimal or an integer - they are all possible.

What is 2.65 as a decimal?

2.65 cannot be written in decimal form per se. In fraction form it is 53/20. In scientific form it is 2.65 x 10^0.

A rational number is a number that can be written as a?

It is a number which can be written as the ratio, p/q of two integers where q > 0.

What fraction or decimal can go in between 0 and 1?


What is a number that cannot be expressed as a fraction or a decimal?

0 of course.

Is 0 a fraction?

Of course 0 is not a fraction, when it is over 0 it is a whole number.

What is whole numeber?

A whole number is a number in which there is no decimal or fraction after the number or the number is a fraction or decimal. ex. ...-2, -1, 0, 1, 2...

What is 0 over 3 as a decimal?

the answer is 0

How do you change 66 percent into a fraction?

First convert it to a decimal number: 66% = .66 Next, make a fraction by placing the decimal number over 1: .66/1 Next. remove the decimal and add as many 0's to the right side of the 1 as there are numbers on the right side of the decimal: 66/100 Next, reduce the fraction: 66/100 = 33/50