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Q: Can the radius of curvature for the curve be infinity?
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What is the radius of curvature?

The radius of curvature of a circle, or an arc of a circle is the same as the radius of the circle.For a curve (other than a circle) the radius of curvature at a given point is obtained by finding a circular arc that best fits the curve around that point. The radius of that arc is the radius of curvature for the curve at that point.The radius of curvature for a straight line is infinite.

Give The formula for radius of curvature in polar form?

The radius of curvature is given by(1)where is the curvature. At a given point on a curve, is the radius of the osculating circle. The symbol is sometimes used instead of to denote the radius of curvature (e.g., Lawrence 1972, p. 4).Let and be given parametrically by(2) (3)then(4)where and . Similarly, if the curve is written in the form , then the radius of curvature is given by

How do you calculate the radius of curvature for the curve?

See the following link.

What is difference between curvature and radius of curvature?

Curvature is a general term to describe a graph. Like, concave or convex. Radius of curvature is more exact. If the curve in a 'small' section is allow to continue with the same curvature it would form a circle. that PRETEND circle would have an exact radius. That is the radius of curvature.

How can a spherical mirror become a plane mirror?

By increasing its radius of curvature to infinity.

What is the raduis of a curve?

The question, as stated, does not make sense.The radius (not raduis) of curvature of a curve at a point is the radius of the arc of a circle which approximates the curve in the immediate vicinity of the point.

Is the radius In math?

It is the distance, from any point on a curve, to the centre of curvature at that point.

What is the curvature of circle having radius a?

1/aAccording to Wikipedia,"The canonical example of extrinsic curvature is that of a circle, which has curvature equal to the inverse of its radius everywhere. Smaller circles bend more sharply, and hence have higher curvature. The curvature of a smooth curve is defined as the curvature of its osculating circle at each point."

How to Calculate the radius of curvature from a set of x y co-ordinates?

Given a set of x and y coordinates, fit a curve to it using statistical techniques. The radius of curvature for the set of points is the radius of curvature for this arc. To find that, the curve must be differentiable twice. Let the curve be represented by the equation y = y(x) and let y' and y" be the first and second derivatives of y(x) with respect to x.Then R = abs{(1 + y'^2)^(3/2) / y"} is the radius of curvature.

What is the difference between Radius of curvature and centre of curvature?

the center of curvature is the ORIGIN of the radius of curvature

How get degree of curvature?

The degree of curvature measures how much a curve deviates from a straight line. It is commonly used in mathematics, engineering, and surveying. Two common methods are the circular curve method and differential geometry. The circular curve method determines the degree of curvature by measuring the central angle subtended by a 100-foot arc along the curve. The differential geometry approach calculates the curvature at each point on the curve and integrates these values to find the total degree of curvature. The specific method used depends on the field and context. Consult relevant resources or experts for detailed instructions.

What does curvature ratio mean in tubing?

Radius of curvature divided by tube diameter. To get the radius of curvature, imaging the bend in the tube is a segment of a circle, the radius of curvature is the radius of that circle.