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a real one, no. but a trick one, yes


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โˆ™ 2011-11-01 23:43:16
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Q: Can there be a mind reading website?
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What is a good mind reading website?


What is the opposite of mind reading?

sharing your mind.

Is mind reading real?


What website can you do math and reading?

how can i do math and reading

How do you read a person mind?

Reading someones mind is impossible.

How do you read a dog's mind?

You can't. Mind reading is impossible.

If two telepaths are reading each others mind whose mind are they reading?

The world would never know...

The importance of reading?

It expands the mind

What is Edward Cullen's gift?

Reading people's thoughts. Mind Reading

What are the disadvantages of mind reading computers?

There will be no privacy, it is expensive, and if the capabilities of mind reading were in the hands of terrorists, we'd all be screwed.

How do mind reading games work?

You are not really reading their mind but rather deducing logically what they are thinking by putting yourself in their situation.

What does the NewAgeStore website sell?

The NewAgeStore website sells products used in tarot-reading. They also have products in spiritual healing. They offer products that brings balance and peace to one's body and mind.

How does reading affect your memory?

reading can stimulate brain cells and jumpstart your mind

What is the word for reading someones mind?


What is Edwards special gifts?

Mind Reading!!!!

How do you provide a meter reading?

where do you go on your website to notify you of meter reading

What does reading is to he mind what exercise is to the body mean?

Your body needs physical exercise to stay in shape. Your mind shouldn't stay inactive, and reading is a good thing to do, good exercise for the mind.

Is a person reading what is typed on this website?


Are you on

If you are reading this, you are on the WikiAnswers website.

Is there a reading website called onipop?


Why can I read people's minds?

Mind reading is technically impossible. Therefore, you are not reading their minds.

Would you mind someone else reading your diary?


What do you need to stay focuse on your purpose for reading?

keep in mind what u reading<jessy Styles

What does it mean A library is a hospital for the mind?

Reading improves the mind like a hospital improves the body.

What is the website for reading books?

barnes and noble