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Q: Can there be more than one software?
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Is it legal to install software on more than one computer you own?


What makes all-in-one secuirty systems effective?

You don't need more than one software and sometimes when you have more than one they conflict with each other!

What does cross-format mean?

it means to develop software for, or running software on, more than one type of hardware platform!

Can commercial software be installed on more than one computer?

Yes you moron why you ask

How can one access different software platforms?

Most positions now require one to operate more than one different type of software platform. Depending which software the directions may change but essentially one would open the new software to use the platform.

What is graphics based operating system?

It is a software which allows more than one program to run at one time

Is it legal for you to have software installed on your PC at work and on your PC at home on a single EULA?

It depends on the software itself. No. The EULA does not allow you to install Software on more than one PC.

What is pre installed software?

When a computer manufacturer takes one copy of a particular software, and illegally installs it on more than one computer, it performs pre installed piracy.

Can you download home and landscape computer software more then once?

No, it is illegal to install on more than one computer unless indicated on the box as for more than 1 user or pc.

What country produces more software than the US?

Japan, India, South Korea, China and Germany produce more software than the US.

What is the best new anti-virus software for Windows 7?

There are two types of anti-virus software you can obtain: Paid for and free. Obviously with paid software it would be a bit more thorough than a free one (ex. McAfee and Norton). However if you are on a budget software like AVG is more than adequate as a anti-virus.

Where do you find a cheap salon software?

One product is Snip Salon Software. If you take advantage of automatic appointment reminders, it can save you more money than it costs.