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Yes but the on prime numbers are 2,3

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Q: Can three consecutive whole numbers all be prime?
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Could three consecutive whole numbers all be prime numbers?


Can two consecutive whole numbers whole numbers be prime?

The only two consecutive whole numbers that are prime numbers are 2 and 3. Otherwise, every second consecutive whole number in sequence is even, and being multiples of 2, they cannot be prime.

What consecutive whole numbers be prime numbers?

2 and 3.

Can 3 consecutive whole numbers be primes?

No. Any three consecutive numbers will have at least one of them which is divisible by 2, which means it cannot be prime. And since 1 is not considered a prime number, it cannot happen.

What two consecutive numbers add up to 60?

Consecutive whole numbers will have an odd sum. Consecutive odd numbers, or consecutive prime numbers, will be 29 and 31.

Is it that 3 consecutive whole number can be prime factors Explain?

3 consecutive numbers cannot be prime factors. Any three consecutive numbers would include at least one even number. The only even prime number is 2, and (2,3,4) doesn't qualify.

2 and 3 can consecutive whole number prime number?

Yes, 2 and 3 are consecutive prime numbers.

Why cant 2 and 3 be two consecutive whole numbers be prime numbers?

2 and 3 are prime numbers.

Is it that 2 consecutive whole numbers can be prime factors?


Other than 2 and 3 can two consecutive whole numbers be prime numbers?


What are some relatively prime numbers?

4 and 9 Any consecutive whole numbers.

What are three consecutive numbers who add up to 154?

There is no set of three consecutive whole numbers that add up to 154.