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Two acute angles cannot be supplementary but they can be complementary

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Q: Can two acute angles cannot be supplementary?
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Are to acute angles supplementary?

no because supplementary means when 2 angles equal 180 degrees. but an acute angle is always less than 90 degrees, so two acute angles cannot add up to equal 180 degrees/be supplementary.

Can two acute angles be supplementary?


If two congruent angles form a supplementary they are acute angles.?

Not true because supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees and two acute angles would be less than 180 degrees.

Are two acute angles sometimes supplementary?


What if two angles are equal and supplementary are the angles obtuse acute or right angles?

They both will be right angles that add up to supplementary angles 180 degrees

Are acute angles of a right triangle are supplementary?

No, they are complimentary (add to 90°) Supplementary means the two angles add to 180°

Can two supplementary angles both be acute?

If my calculations are correct, I think so. But I'm not sure.

What angles does a rhombus have and are they equal?

A rhombus has a pair of equal acute angles opposite one another. The other two angles are supplementary to these and so are also equal.

Are the two acute angles in a right triangle supplementary?

No, they are complementary angles. Supplementary angles sum to 180o Complementary angles sum to 90o. The three angles of a triangle sum to 180o. If one is 90o (the right angle), then the other two sum to 180o - 90o = 90o and so are complementary.

Can two adjacent angles be supplementary?

No It cannot as the sum has to be below 180 degrees......

Given two parallel lines with a transversal if one of the angles measures 50 degrees what are the measures of all the other angles?

All acute angles measure 50 degrees. All obtuse angles are supplementary to the acute angles, so they measure 130 degrees.

What is supplementry angle?

the sum of two acute angles which add up to 180 degree is known as or called as supplementary angle.