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In electrical home wiring that is wired correctly NO.

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Q: Can you connect black wire to red wire?
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Where does the red wire in a baseboard heater connect to the black or white wire in the wall?

It doesn't connect to either. The red wire must connect to a red wire from the breaker box. If you only have black and white wires from the breaker box and the baseboard heater has a red wire something is wrong!

How do you install a dimmer switch black wire red wire and green wire to some existing black and black wires?

Remove the old single pole switch. Connect the green dimmer wire to the ground wire. Now connect the black dimmer wire to the black wire that is the hot wire (wire carrying the electrical current into the box). Connect the red dimmer wire to the other black wire.

How do you wire a cook top 240V 3 wire black green red to 240V 3 wire service black white red?

Connect black to black, red to red, and white to green.

How do you wire a 1-way dimmer switch with a red and black wire only?

Connect the black wire to the incoming hot wire and the red wire to the out going load.

How do you wire a cooktop with red black white and green to a house with red black green?

Connect black to black, red to red, white & green, to green.

How do you connect a three color wire to a 4 color wire?

Red is negavite some black

How do you connect red wire?

if you mean the red wire used for a ceiling fan you connect the red wire to the blue wire

How do you wire a 3 way dimmer switch that has one red wire one black wire and one white wire?

The black and white (neutral) wires connect to an unswitched voltage supply. The red wire and the same white (neutral) wires connect to the load.

How do you wire a Brown and Blue to a Red Black and White?

The brown will connect to the redblack wire and the blue to the white

Does the red wire connect to the black wires?

Yes, in some circuit connections the red wire will connect to the black wires. Without more information as to how the circuit operates and what is trying to be done with the circuit, this is the only answer that can be given.

How do you connect 4-wire cord to the electric stove?

Two wires are hot and are usually Red and Black. Connect the white wire to neutral and green wire to ground.

How do you connect a red and black wire to a red black green and white wire?

You can't. You first figure out what the red and black do and why there is no white. Then you call an electrician to explain grounding/earthing wires and how to get a proper ground to the green wire before someone is electrocuted.

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