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Yes the light will come on.If you want safer protect the circuit by a fuse.Typical fuse for wall outlet is 13 amp but for lights it is only 5 amps

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Q: Can you convert a power outlet into a light fixture?
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How do you make a light bulb light up if the power comes from a generator?

You put the light bulb into a light fixture or lamp and plug the lamp into the running generator's electrical outlet. Make sure the generator's circuitbreaker is reset.

What is a light fixture?

A fixture or device that holds a light in place by means of some sort of socket, that is connected to a power source.

How can the light on my GFCI outlet be on when there is no power coming to the outlet?

The pilot light in a GFCI is an indication that the receptacle is hot, maybe they should add a red pilot light to indicate that no power is coming out of the outlet and green when power is available.

How do you wire one outlet of a double gfci outlet to a light switch?

Connect the incoming power wire and the outgoing power wire going to the light switch to the line side of the GFCI outlet. This will protect the outlet and will not turn off power to the light if the GFCI trips.

Can you run power from a light fixture to another light fixture?

Yes. Connect Black to Black, White to White and bare ground wires together.

Does a down light consume less electricity?

The fixture construction has nothing to do with the amount of energy that the fixture uses. It is the lamp in the fixture that draws the amperage. This amperage times the fixtures voltage is what gives you the fixtures wattage. W = A x V. Watts = Amps x Volts.

Do you hook up white or black first when changing a light fixture?

As the power to the light fixture should be, and hopefully is off, it does not matter which you hook up first.

Light fixture does not turn on when connected to ceiling with power?

Is this a fluorescent fixture? Most fluorescents will not start if the fixture is not grounded. Make sure the fixture has the branch circuit ground wire properly connected.

How do you wire a two wire fixture to a three wire outlet?

In the outlet, as a general rule, The Black is the power The White is the neutral (Which is alot like ground) The copper is Ground. (In fixtures, ground is sometimes green) As a general rule, a fixture has a black power and a white neutral. There are Youtube videos that will teach you about house wiring.

Installing A Ceiling Light?

Installing a Ceiling LightInstalling A Ceiling LightReplacing ceiling lights is sometimes a required task when you decide remodel a room or the light fixture has worn out with age. Installing a new ceiling light is a simple task that can be done by most homeowners without any outside help.The first thing to do before installing any light in your ceiling is to turn off the power at the circuit breaker. Since you will be working with electrical wiring, you do not want to take the chance of being shocked or electrocuted. After the power is turned off, unscrew the light bulb from the existing fixture and use a screwdriver take out the screws holding the fixture in place and connecting the wires to the fixture.When the fixture is off, attach a mounting plate to the ceiling light outlet box. Then attach the wires to the new ceiling light fixture. Connect the copper wires together and like colored wires together with wire nuts so that the fixture is properly grounded.Attach the base of the new fixture over the outlet box and tighten it up with screws. Once this is finished, screw the light bulb back into place and put a glass bowl over the bulb to cover it. Use bolts on sides of the fixture to secure the glass bowl in place.Once the fixture is securely in place, return to the circuit breaker. Turn back on the power and test out the light to ensure everything is installed correctly.

How do you wire 2 new lights with on-off switches using wires coming from an existing outlet?

You can attach/splice into the power feed to outlet (ways of doing this can vary with how the outlet is wired but make sure that all or part of the outlet isn't controlled by an existing switch). You can then take the hot, neutral and ground to a light fixture or to the first switch, then to the second switch. It is normally easier to do this project by taking power to the light (s) first, with 2 wire drops to the switches, from basement or attic.

How much power does it take to light a lamp post?

Find out what the wattage of the bulb in the fixture is and you will have your answer.

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