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You sure can. Give each child one apple and cut the last into 16 pieces - one for each child.

If you don't want to cut the apple then no, you cannot equally divide 17 apples among 16 children.

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i believe it is possible but very hard to figure out

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Q: Can you divide 16 apples equally among 17 children?
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How can you divide equally 16 apples among 17 children?

Yes give them each 16/17 of an apple.

A mother had 8 apples and 6 children how could she divide the apples equally among the children without fractional parts?

She gave each child an apple, then ate two herself.

How do you divide 5 apples among 8 people equally?

Each person receives 1.6 apples.

How do you divide 16 apples equally among 17 children?

Since 16 and 17 are relatively prime, i.e. they share no divisors other than 1, the only ways to divide 16 apples equally amongst 17 children is to either cut each apple into 17 pieces and give 16 pieces to each child, or cut a 17th of an apple out of each apple, give the cut apples to 16 of the children and give the 16 pieces to the 17th child.Another way to do it is to make apple sauce. From my wife. Gee, wish I had thought of that. :-)>

How can a person fairly divide 10 apples among 8 children so that each child has the same share?

It is: 10/8 = 1.25 apples each

Use the word 'equity' in a sentence?

Prompted by considerations of equity, the father decided to divide his estate equally among his children.

How do you divide 10 apples among 11 people?

you have to make apple sauce

How do you share 2.70 equally among 3 people?

Divide it by 3 and you get 0.9 each

Share 6pounds equally among eight children how much money does each child recieve?

If you divide 6 pounds by 8 children, you will see that each child receives 75 pence (75 pennies).

Can you divide 16 apples among 17 kids?

yes each kid gets 0.9411764

How would you divide 10 eggs equally among 7 people?

Make an omelet or scrambled eggs.

What are the more popular board game designs among children?

There are many popular board game designs among children. A few of the more popular designs include Candy Land, Monopoly, and Apples to Apples.

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