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you have to make apple sauce

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Q: How do you divide 10 apples among 11 people?
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How can a person fairly divide 10 apples among 8 children so that each child has the same share?

It is: 10/8 = 1.25 apples each

What is 0 divided by 10?

Undefined: You cannot divide by zero

How would you divide 10 eggs equally among 7 people?

Make an omelet or scrambled eggs.

I have between 20 and 30 coins if ishare them among 10 How many coin do I get?

If you have between 20 and 30 coins and if you share them among 10 people how many coins you will get will depend on how you divide the coins. For example, if you have 30 coins and divide them evenly between 10 people, you will all get three coins each.

How do you divide 10 apples between 11 people and everyone have the same amount?

give eveyone 10 slices, while each slice is 1/11th of an apple

Why does anything multiplied by zero equal zero?

Think about it as with apples. If 3 people have 5 apples each, how many apples are there? 3x5 = 15. If, however, no people have 10 apples, there are no people so therefore there are no apples. Similarly, if 3 people have no apples each, there are 0 apples in total. Hope this explains it.

How do you share 10 apples with 11 people?

With apple sauce

If apples are 3 for 39cents how many is it for 10 apples?

$1.30 for 10 apples

How many apples do you need to have 10 apples?


How many nanosecondsare in 100 milliseconds?

A similar question would be - "how many dozen of apples are there in 48 apples." To solve this, we divide 48 by 12 (because dozen equals to 12) and the answers is 3. Similarly, for your question we divide 100 ms by 1ns: { 100 x 10^(-3) } / { 1 x 10^(-9) } = 10^8 this is ur answer

How did you get 40cm out 400mm?

You divide by 10.You divide by 10.You divide by 10.You divide by 10.

If you have 2 apples and lose 2 and buy 10 How many apples do you have?


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