Can you explain algebra

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Algebra is using variables such as x to solve a problem. One example is x+3=8 in which x equals 5.

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Q: Can you explain algebra
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How can algebra be used to explain a geometric concept?

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How do you use algebra tiles to multiply two binomials?

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How do you explain algebra?

Algebra is the usage of variables (e.g. x,y) in order to make the solution of an equation have many possible answers.

What is pie algebra?

Pie is a symbol that represents a number (3.14159...). Pie algebra is when the number Pie is used in algebra like the ccircumference of a circle. A circumference of a circle is worked out by Pie algebra: DxPie (diameter x Pie). Its a bit complicated to explain but...

What is the punchline to bridge to algebra page 114?

please explain the question better. no one knows what txtbook you are talking about unless you explain it.

Math equations like algebra one?

You need to explain your question in more detail.

How is algebra important in the field of science?

Science different fields need mathematics; including algebra; to verify different science theories and explain different science phenomena.

Why do you use algebra in science?

Because equations are part of Science to explain the diversity of it. Example: H2o and other formulas....

Would you please explain what algebra is so preschoolers will understand?

Using math to figure out numbers you didn't know before.

What is a two digit number has the property that the sum of the number and its digits is 63 what is the original number use algebra to explain?


What is middle school math?

well in my middle school you first start off with normal math and if you do well in math then you go to Algebra in 7th grade. If you don't do that well in math you go to pre-algebra. Then if you went to pre-algebra you go to Algebra in 8th grade. If you went to Algebra in 7th grade you do Geometry in 8th.