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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Math equations like algebra one
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Where was algebra founded?

algebra was origionated from early greece. they had created one of the first algebreik equations-pie-

Is pre-algebra and intergrated algebra the same?

No. Pre-algbrea is for kids who need to go deeper then one-time notes. Intergrated algebra is like an advance math class.

What are the levels of math?

elementary math, math 6, intro-pre algebra, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, algebra II, uh... sorry, can't help with this one, trig, calculus, i think calculus 2, then discrete math. I may not be right, but close enough

Where can one find algebra worksheets?

There are several websites that have algebra worksheets one can download free. Among these websites is one called Math Drill, and there is another called Math.

Why learn Algebra?

First let me say that's a great question and its funny. Algebra is useful if you become a Math teacher, buissness person, ect. Quadratic equations like 3X2 +4x +12=0, can help you find profit in your company or revenue, or sales. Also, it can help you with construction projects by figuring out the width if you know the area and the length. You also need Algebra skills in Physics, when doing Kinematics and other stuff. Overall, Algebra is a useful tool in studying Math and Physics and is just one of the things you have to learn in life.You learn algebra to help with your problem solving skills. That way when you are in a situation when you need to figure out something, you can use steps, or other equations.

What is the order of math in high school?

9th-Algebra I, 10th-Geometry, 11th-Algebra II, 12th-There are a bunch of classes that one can take at my school College Algebra is one Pre-Calculus is another. If one started out in a high level math class like Geometry in 9th grade then they would take Algebra II in 10th, Trigonometry in 11th, then AP Calculus in 12th.

Do most teens like math?

According to one survey, most teens dislike math, but for various reasons. The main reason is the level of math they are in - some teens are in Calculus, Geometry, and Algebra II, while others are in Pre-Algebra and regular mathematics. No Way!!

Where can one find free algebra worksheets?

There are a number of places online which offer free algebra worksheets. Math Drills and Math Worksheets Go have free algebra worksheets available. Other places which offer free algebra worksheets include Helping With Math and Soft Schools.

What other math uses algebra?

more than one math uses algebra for example polynomials also use algebra and you can use algebra to figure out your pay for a year or to figure out your yearly interest on the amount you put in your savings account.

How is math related to math?

Math is related to math because math(1) is technically math(2) itself, because there is really no description how math(1) is the same as math(2). There is only one math, except for types of math, like algebra.

What is a Branch of math that uses letters called variables?

Algebra is one.

How does algebra help you in math?

Algebra is the backbone of Math. By setting variables in other types of math, like geometry and probability, algebra can be used to solve for sides, angle measures, prove many hypothesis, and much more. Algebra is used more for applications (If 4 pens and 1 pencil cost 6 dollars while 1 pen and 4 pencils cost 4 dollars, how much is the combined cost of one pen and one pencil?) rather than straight math (4a+b=6 and a+4b=4, the a+b=?) Algebra is a very important topic covered in math. I feel that algebra is the toughest topic in math, but with right teachers nothing is difficult.

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