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well not really

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Q: Can you feel a babys heartbeat from outside at 24 plus weeks?
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Can i feel my baby's heartbeat if i touch my uterus during 7 weeks?

No, generally you will not be able to feel the baby's heartbeat in the uterus from the outside. You can buy feral heartbeat machines called a Doppler to hear the baby's heartbeat. Some can pick up as early as 7 weeks, although others can't pick up until later on in the pregnancy.

When pregnant can you feel the babys heartbeat in your stomach?

No, you would have to be a rare case of super-sensitive to be able to feel that. To date, I have never heard of a woman who can feel the baby's heartbeat. What you may be feeling is your own heartbeat as the blood flow to your uterus is increased. Or it may be just the baby kicking. Many babies also seem to get hiccups which can be a very regular beat, often at the same time each day.

Can you feel your babys heartbeat?

No. You can neither hear (unless at a ultrasound) or feel it.

Is it possible to hear the baby's heartbeat at 11 weeks with a stethoscope?

it's possible, but most women don't feel movement until around 20 weeks.

Do you feel heartbeat?

What heartbeat :l

Do you feel babies heartbeat in womb?

No you can't. If you can feel a pulse over your pregnant abdomen it is the large vessels in your uterus supplying the placenta.

Can a doctor hear a baby's pulse but not it's heartbeat?

The doctor should be able to hear the babies heart beat with a Doppler after about 16 weeks. If you are more than 16 to 20 weeks pregnant and the doctor can not hear a heart beat then you need an ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok.

Is it possible to feel the baby's heartbeat in the first couple of weeks?

No it doesn't exist then. You can see it and hear it on ultrasound around the 5-6th week.

Can you feel a heartbeat in the thumb?

No, typically the pulse and heartbeat are more commonly felt in areas closer to the heart, such as the wrist or neck. If you are feeling a pulse in your thumb, it may be due to pressure or other factors affecting blood flow.

Should you feel a baby move at 22 weeks?

oh yes you definitely can. at this point the babys movement should become more tense

Why do i feel a heartbeat in my lower stomach?

The heartbeat you feel in your lower stomach is the abdominal aorta beating and it is perfectly normal.

At 6 weeks the seen heartbeat at 8 weeks no heartbeat and blood dropped Scan in 2 days Are you miscarrying?

At sixweeks the heart beat was retrieved. Some ultrasounds can not find the heartbeat of the baby til three or four months into a pregnancy. Usually when your miscarrying, you will feel abdominal cramping and usually clots of blood. Usually most women miscarry within the first 6 weeks, most woman who pass six weeks have a healthy pregnancy and baby. If you are concerned talk to your Doctor!